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Discover a Hidden Dining Experience at Omakase @ Stevens

Explore Japanese-French fusion.

In a quiet nook of Stevens, there stands a hidden gem of a Japanese fine dining restaurant that you might not know about. Get ready to discover Omakase @ Stevens and its new summer menu, a blend of subtle French inflections and the finest seasonal ingredients.

This summer, treat yourself to a six- or eight-course dining experience, priced at $280++ or $333++ respectively. Each course is crafted to highlight the best of summer, starting with treasures from the sea like Oscietra caviar enhancing the sweetness of Shima-Aji striped jack, and leading up to prime meats like Miyazaki Wagyu, infused with the aroma of Italian summer truffles.

Complement your meal with a wide variety of sake, ranging from boutique to premium and rare labels. You'll find selections from small batch producers, such as Mutsu Hassen Hanaomoi 40 Junmai Daiginjo, as well as impressive premium offerings like Tatenokawa Junmai Daiginjo Shichiseiki. Rare and unique bottlings, such as the Miyakanbai Hi No Shizuku Yuzu Sake, are also available.

Begin your culinary journey with Shima-Aji Namerou, a layered dish of minced Shima-Aji striped jack fish, accented with ginger and leek, and texturized with a jelly of white and red miso. This dish is intensified with Oscietra and Siberian sturgeon caviar, beautifully framed by a ring of winter melon topped with salted egg yolk balls. The ginger awakens your senses, paving the way for the sweet creaminess of the fish to shine.

Enjoy the Hanasaki crab from Hokkaido, freshly caught at the peak of the season, simply boiled and shelled to preserve its natural flavors. This dish is complemented by silky Inaniwa udon noodles and sweet, plump amaebi from Hokkaido, all doused in a double-strained tomato consommé and garnished with micro celery and mustard flower. Savor the Kinmedai, a Golden Eye snapper prepared using the restaurant’s signature Matsukasa method. The snapper is slowly cooked with hot oil until the skin is crisp, and the scales are made into little chips. The fish is then grilled over binchotan charcoal and served with yellow rouille sauce, bouillabaisse sauce, and homemade green basil oil, finished with punchy garlic flower.

Indulge in Wagyu Katsu, made from the finest Miyazaki beef. The beef is coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried to a golden fillet, resulting in a crispy exterior and juicy interior. This dish is finished with shavings of Italian summer truffle and accompanied by sides of Hokkaido potato and cabbage. Don’t miss the Chef’s Signature Unagi Kabayaki, prepared in a Donabe Japanese claypot. Premium Koshihikari short-grain rice is drizzled with homemade Kabayaki sauce, topped with mitsuba water parsley and myoga ginger flower, and cooked to fluffy perfection. The dish is completed with slices of savory Kagoshima unagi.

Enjoy your meal in a space designed to showcase Chef Kazuki’s culinary artistry. Diners are seated around an open counter that emulates a Japanese theater stage, providing an intimate and immersive dining experience. The warm wooden fixtures and comfortable seating for 16 diners create the perfect setting to appreciate the freshest and finest dishes.

This summer menu is conceptualized by new Executive Chef Kazuki Arimoto, an Osakan native with 12 years of culinary experience. At Omakase @ Stevens, Chef Kazuki uses his trusted network of Japanese suppliers to source the first harvests and finest catches, ensuring that every dish celebrates summer and its bounty. To reserve your experience, visit Omakase.