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A Divine Pairing Of Two Epicurean Icons: Champagne And Caviar

The very pinnacle of luxury champagne has been born


Instead of going for the traditional aromas and flavours that come with Champagne, French wine brand, Luvienz has chosen the luxurious delicacy – caviar. Just launched in London this October, Luvienz Caviar Edition champagne gives you a taste of both caviar and bubbly in a single sip. The champagne is made from 100% chardonnay grapes aged over 20 years from the Côte des Blancs premium vineyards and blended with caviar extract sourced from the waters of Bulgaria and Iran. Exuding utter exclusivity and extreme luxury, batches are limited to only 25,000 bottles a year and each elegant black bottle is design with 24k gold silkscreen printing. To ensure they are presented tailor-made to your satisfaction, these bespoke bottles can only be purchased though their official website.