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Belvedere 10 redefines luxury vodka

Belvedere, a name synonymous with sophistication and excellence in the world of vodka, proudly unveils its latest masterpiece: Belvedere 10. 

This new addition to the Belvedere family isn't just a vodka. It's a symbol of luxury and a testament to refined taste. Crafted from the single harvest of a pristine rye field, Belvedere 10 is tailored for Singapore's discerning tastemakers who appreciate the finer things in life. Its unparalleled smoothness makes it a spirit meant to be savoured, whether enjoyed neat or over ice.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless vodka-making process of 1910, Belvedere 10 pays homage to tradition while embracing contemporary luxury. Every detail in the creation of this rare vodka has been meticulously considered and guided by an unwavering commitment to perfection. From hand-selecting the finest ingredients to orchestrating the ideal conditions and production process, Belvedere 10 epitomises the pinnacle of craftsmanship. This exceptional vodka undergoes a meticulous 10-step crafting process that begins with a single harvest of organic rye and ends with a resting period of ten months to achieve unparalleled smoothness.

Francois Xavier Desplancke, President and CEO of Belvedere Vodka, expresses, "As one of the premier vodka brands worldwide, our focus remains on reshaping and enhancing the vodka experience. It brings us immense joy to unveil Belvedere 10, meticulously created for Singapore's luxury enthusiasts to experience vodka excellence at its pinnacle," says Nausicaa Charrier, Marketing Director of Moët Hennessy Diageo Singapore and Malaysia. “We believe that Belvedere 10's rich flavours and exceptional craftsmanship will captivate the discerning palates across the city-state, delivering an unparalleled sensory journey."

The iconic Belvedere 10 bottle epitomises modern elegance with a touch of brutalist flair. Standing tall with ten levels, its sculpted design pays homage to the meticulous 10-step creation process of Belvedere 10 vodka. Its pristine white hue reflects the spirit’s purity, while its diamond-like sparkle nods to the rare organic Diamond Rye used in its crafting. Adorned with an engraved ‘B’ and a discreet gold ring at the neck bearing the inscription ‘Belvedere,’ this luminous bottle embodies the brilliance of the spirit it holds.

Belvedere 10 delights with a harmonious blend of flavours. Its aroma offers bright notes of coconut, cacao, and vanilla, with a hint of fresh lemon. Upon tasting, its creamy texture unveils a light honeyed sweetness, intertwined with bursts of caramel and green coffee. The finish is elegant and smooth, leaving lingering hints of nutty praline and rich dark cacao. Belvedere 10 is available in top international dance clubs, hotels, and bars in Singapore.