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BLLNR REVIEWS: The Legian, Bali

Honestly, it doesn't get much better than The Legian.



One of the many perks of being a writer is the fact that you get to travel to some pretty amazing places and stay in some pretty wonderful hotels, so when we say something blows our socks off, believe us, it must be good. Well dear readers,  get ready, because The Legian in Bali blew our socks off and then some. Luxurious without being fussy, elegant without being overdone, practical while still being beautiful and efficient without being corporate, this 66-room hotel in one of Seminyak's finest spots has just won a stop on our hotel hall of fame.




The hotel is just 12K from the airport, meaning once out of the town (which can take anywhere from two minutes to twenty) it's a fairly easy trip. What's more it's also just 2K from the start of the start of popular shopping street, Jalan Kayu Aya, with the stroll along  peppered with gorgeous boutiques to pop into and cool off along the way. Aside from shopping, The Legian sits pretty on Kuta  Beach, Seminyak's famed strip of beach.



The whole thing about The Legian that hits you from the moment you walk in is the sense of space. Sitting on a large plot, the hotel has made the very best of their large space allowing you to visibly exhale the moment you enter. Set upon a backdrop of modern Balinese architecture, surrounded by Lotus ponds and coconut palms, stunning views are shown off to perfection by wide framed doors and windows that allow the ocean breeze to sweep through. In the suites, contemporary Balinese style gives way to absolute luxury as the enormous spaces allow for four-poster beds, full size baths and living room and balconies. 



We can pretty much guarantee that the 66 suites at The Legian will be some of the biggest you have ever stayed in. Set around an atrium lobby style, each suite is generous to say the least. Boasting 2 bathrooms, living room, four poster beds, bath and shower and balcony with sun loungers, there's also the minibar with free local beer, iPods, Bose sound system, LED flatscreen TV with Blu-Ray Disc player and an espresso machine. And if the huge, sea-facing ocean breeze filled suites aren't enough for you, there's also 14 one and two bedroom villas which come complete with their own pool. 



There are a couple of things that I use to check out how truly good a hotel is: cleanliness, service and amenities and The Legian truly stands out on all three. In a hotel that feels as big as this one, you would think it would take forever to get your request seen to, not so, there is always someone nearby to answer any questions or help out. Being the genius that I am, I got locked inside my room not once, but twice and there was someone to free me within minutes, sans judgement which is good given the move I had just pulled. If I had to pick a favourite bit about the hotel, given the sloth that I am, it would be the massages by the pool- providing you with a mini spa menu, you can lie in front of the ocean and happily drift off to sleep while a skilled masseur pummels you into a zen like state, something I did everyday I stayed there. 



If you can drag yourself away from the not one, but three ocean-facing pools, head on over to the spa where traditional Balinese therapies are the speciality. There's four single treatment rooms and two couples suites to enjoy the  likes of chakra-balancing massages, detoxifying body polishes, wraps, facials, mani-pedis etc. Looking to find your inner zen? There's free Hatha yoga classes every morning as well as private pilates and meditation on offer in either the indoor studio or outside garden. There's also the fitness centre with all the bells and whistles you could ask for as well as a personal trainer if needs be, a sauna, steam room and plunge pool. One of the things I found super helpful at The Legian was the concierge service, given I was in Bali to buy a teak table top, their helpful service helped me with my research, bartering and directions.



Full confession: I am a fussy eater, it annoys my husband to no end but hey ho, so when the restaurant told me they had planned a set menu to try their chef's most famed creations, my heart literally sank. However, I am more than happy to say I not only ate every single dish, but did so with relish. Simple, fresh, clean and delicious, each dish showed off the best of the region with an international flair. Being pregnant at the time, sadly I couldn't do the pairing menu but my husband more than made up for that and special mention must go to the uber-knowledgable sommelier, Nengah Suartika, whose energy, passion and knowledge really put the cherry on the top of a sensational meal. 


For more information on The Legian, or for bookings, see here





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