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Cat Bite Club Launches Agave and Rice Masterclasses

For those passionate about exploring the intricate world of spirits, Cat Bite Club has unveiled two exciting new programmes designed to elevate your knowledge and palate: Agave La and Rice Academy.

These immersive masterclasses, which kick off with a deep dive into each category, promise a journey of discovery through the rich and diverse landscape of agave and rice distillates. Led by experts, participants will embark on a tasting adventure, exploring an array of flavour profiles, production techniques, and cocktail applications unique to each category. During each 45-minute session, guests will sample four handpicked spirits curated by Cat Bite Club's expert team. From tequila to mezcal for Agave La enthusiasts, and from sake to soju for Rice Academy aficionados, each tasting will be accompanied by insightful discussions, technical notes, historical insights, and recipe recommendations. Plus, light bites will be served to complement the tasting experience.

Upon completion of the masterclass, attendees will receive a personalised Certificate of Completion, marking their journey into the world of spirits connoisseurship. But the learning doesn't end there—graduates will gain exclusive access to future events, including product launches and advanced masterclasses, ensuring their continued spirits education. In addition to the masterclasses, which offer a deep dive into the enriching world of agave and rice spirits, Cat Bite Club has also unveiled its latest menu refresh. The updated menu says goodbye to the Negroni and its rice and agave variations (Stoic Stare and Bitter Rind), and includes three new featured cocktails.

Starting with the classic Chrysanthemum, Cat Bite’s version features Avallen Calvados, Absinthe, Dry Vermouth, and Benedictine. The agave variation, Desert Island, is built on a potent base of Patron Blanco Tequila and Sotol Texano and elevated with St. Germain Elderflower, pine, Peychaud’s bitters, and grapefruit bitters. On the rice side, Martini Peas features The Hachi Rice Shochu, snap pea, aquavit, and blanc vermouth.

These exclusive masterclasses are available for groups of two to eight guests. Bookings can be made for Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, from 5 to 8 pm, at Cat Bite Club's hidden gem location on 75 Duxton Hill. Look for the glowing red sign with a mischievous Cheshire cat grin, and you'll know you've found the entrance to an unforgettable spirits experience.

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