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Chef Daisuke Noguchi's Multi-Sensorial Omakase Delights Singapore Diners

Get ready for an unparalleled dining experience.

Kuriya Dining proudly presents an exclusive guest chef stint by Chef Daisuke Noguchi, renowned for his culinary expertise at the Michelin-starred restaurants Kyo Tenjin Noguchi and Noguchi Tsunagu in Kyoto. Across two exciting chapters in April and October, Chef Noguchi will take diners on a tantalising journey through the flavours of Japan with a multi-sensorial omakase menu that encapsulates the essence of his coveted establishments. Kuriya Dining, known for delivering authentic Japanese dining experiences of the highest calibre, is thrilled to offer this opportunity to savour the culinary creations of Chef Noguchi. Prepare to be captivated by his masterful techniques and innovative dishes, meticulously crafted using only the freshest seasonal ingredients, reflecting the vibrant essence of spring and fall in Japan.

Born in 1976 in Aichi Prefecture, Chef Daisuke Noguchi has made a significant impact on the Kyoto dining scene with his illustrious career. After years of apprenticeship and serving as head chef at esteemed establishments, he fulfilled his dream of opening Kyo Tenjin Noguchi in 2011, earning it one Michelin star, followed by two in subsequent years. His dedication to showcasing the finest Kyoto flavours is evident in every meticulously prepared dish, attracting diners from around the globe despite the restaurant's notorious year-long waitlist. Continuing his culinary legacy, Chef Noguchi introduced Noguchi Tsunagu, which also earned a Michelin star and boasts a waitlist of up to two months. Combining traditional Japanese cuisine with more casual creations, Noguchi Tsunagu offers a unique dining experience that delights patrons with its warm ambience and diverse menu.

For four exclusive nights in April and October 2024, diners in Singapore will have the rare opportunity to indulge in Chef Noguchi's exquisite Kyoto cuisine. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which celebrates imperfection and impermanence, Chef Noguchi's dishes showcase clean flavours that highlight the natural essence of each ingredient. During his stint in Singapore, Chef Noguchi will curate an omakase menu featuring the seasonal best from Kyoto, meticulously prepared using ryotei and kappo cooking styles. Each dish is a testament to his culinary prowess and personal connection to the craft, enhanced by carefully selected serving vessels and crockery that elevate the dining experience to new heights.

In April, diners can expect to savour the sweetness of Ise Ebi and Ayu Sweetfish, along with the crispness of Takenoko Bamboo Shoot and Hana Sansho Peppers, offering a taste of spring's bounty straight from Chef Noguchi's kitchen.