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Dragonfly Takes Flight Marrying Art Nouveau Design with Cause-Effect Cocktail Menu

Orchard Road’s latest destination for craft cocktails.

Singapore’s vibrant cocktail scene just got a new gem with the opening of Dragonfly, an illustrious art-nouveau bar located within the chic Vibe Hotel Singapore Orchard on Mount Elizabeth Road. Unveiled this June, Dragonfly promises an enigmatic hideout for after-hours revelry, epicurean escapades, and social occasions. 

This sophisticated bar is the brainchild of celebrated bar-design virtuoso Ashley Sutton and shares a kindred flair with Sutton’s outlandish concept in Hong Kong, revering the art nouveau movement of the late 1800s. The bar is characterised by a mesmerising stained-glass dragonfly centre, ornate patterns, and natural motifs, all illuminated by hundreds of hand-blown wing-patterned lamps that create an ethereal teal hue, inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany of Tiffany & Co.

At the helm of Dragonfly’s cocktail program is the accomplished Morgan Raelin Barron. Morgan’s bartending career took root in America, where she honed her craft at renowned establishments like Allegory and BarMini, the sister bar to the two-Michelin-starred restaurant by José Andrés. She brings her extensive expertise to Dragonfly Singapore, supported by a team of meticulous bartenders. The menu, titled "The Cause and Effect," champions classic cocktails with a modernist twist, drawing inspiration from the cause-and-effect principle. The menu is divided into seven sections, each starting with a classic cocktail and branching into modern, alluring flavor profiles. 

For example, the Aperitifs section features "Every Cloud," a riff on the classic Bamboo cocktail, and in the Vodka section, "Bite the Blossom" and "High Mountain" offer unique, nuanced drinks. Gin enthusiasts can enjoy "Veil of Fondness" and "Rose Stained," while the Eau de Vie section includes the playful fusion "The Right Chance." Whisky lovers can savour "Everything Gets Butter," a decadent Old Fashioned, and for a nightcap, the rum-based "Murphy’s Law" promises a delightful finish.

Morgan Raelin Barron, Bar Manager of Dragonfly Singapore, expresses her excitement about the opening: “Singapore’s vibrant cocktail scene and deep appreciation for artistic design make it the perfect city for our brand’s first international expansion. From the timeless classics that honor the roots of mixology to the unexpected creations that push the boundaries of taste and presentation, we aim to deliver a unique journey that resonates with locals and visitors alike.”

Beyond its stellar cocktail offerings, Dragonfly also features a curated roster of live music and DJ nights, from jazz to blues, enhancing the sophisticated yet laid-back ambiance. This unique combination of exceptional mixology and captivating performances ensures that Dragonfly will become a must-visit destination for cocktail enthusiasts and music aficionados in Singapore. For more information, visit Dragonfly.