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Everything You Need To Know About The Winter Olympics 2018

Can't make it along to PyeongChang for the 2018 Winter Olympics? Not to worry. We have broken down who and what to watch for you so you don't miss any of the action.

Although the Summer Olympics undoubtedly gets more in the way of publicity, that doesn't mean that the Winter Olympics is any the less exciting and exhilarating. Taking place from 9th February to 25th February in PyeongChang in South Korea, you can look forward to everything from alpine skiing, ski jumping to bobsleigh. 

So what are the key things you need to know about this year's event? Let's take a look.


This is the first ever time that South Korea has hosted the Winter Olympics. They have however held the Summer Olympics back in 1998.

The estimated cost of the PyeongChang olympics is US$10 Billion. 

It's third time lucky for South Korea to host the Winter Olympics - they lost out to Vancouver in 2000 and Sochi in 2004. 

In total, by the end of the Olympics, 102 medals will have been handed out, across all 15 categories.

This year is the very first time that viewers in the US will be able to have access to actual live coverage, instead of having to rely on a delayed replay.

In total, 13 venues will be used to host the games. This is both in PyeongChang and the nearby Gangneung. which will be used towards the end of the games. For the Olympics, a total of six new venues have been built, as well as renovating being completed on the additional, excisting venues. 


So now you know all the facts, who should you be looking out for? Who are the key players in this Winter Olympics?

Lindsey Vonn, Alpine Skiing, USA

If you follow skiing, then you have most probably heard of Lindsey Vonn. Boasting 79 world Cup wins, she won the downhill gold in Vancouver in 2010 but has since been blighted by injury. With her looking to be back on top form, this should be an interesting year for Lindsey. 


Seun Adigun, Bobsled, Nigeria

Seun's story sounds like it's straight out of Hollywood. Sean is a former sprinter from the University of Houston who ran for Nigeria in the 2012 London Olympics but not content with those accolades, he started a GoFundMe page in 2016 to finance his latest Olympic dream of bobsled. It clearly paid off as he will drive the very first bobsled team to represent Africa this year. 


Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron, Figure Skating, France

There has to be few sports as beautiful to watch or as graceful as figure skating and this year, you will be hard pressed to find more beautiful figure skaters than this French pair. Missing out on the top spot in the last Winter Olympics, could this be their year?


Noriaki Kasai, Ski Jumping, Japan

You have to have nerves of steel for this sport and it seems Kasai's aren't wavering anytime soon. With this year marking his record eighth Olympic appearance, one of the most impressive things about this silver and bronze winning jumper is that he is one of the oldest participants at 45. 


Ryom Tae Ok and Kim Ju Sik, Figure Skating, North Korea

Their mere presence at the games makes history, with the duo being the first pairs skating team from North Korea. Determined to bring home the gold, they spent all last summer training in Montreal to prepare for their debut on the Olympic stage. 


Shim Suk-hee, Speedskating, South Korea

Well she might have the home advantage, being from one of the host cities, Gangneung but it remains to be seen if Shim Suk-hee can bring home the gold. She already holds the world record in the 1,000 metres so she must be feeling pretty good about her chances for this year. 


Matt and Becca Hamilton, Curling, USA

Brother and sister duo, Matt and Becca Hamilton will be representing America in the very first Olympic mixed doubles curling tournament. But that's not all, they will each also be competing in the men's and women's games for Team USA. 


For the full schedule and more information on the programmes, see here