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Experience Canchita's Fusion of Peruvian and Mexican Delights

Are your weekends ready for a culinary adventure?

Canchita is transforming brunch with a new menu that brings the vibrant flavours of Peruvian and Mexican cuisine straight to your table. Inspired by traditional cevicherias and marisquerias, this menu overhaul, the largest since the restaurant's opening, promises to redefine your brunch experience.

Chef-owners Daniel and Tamara Chavez have outdone themselves with this revamp, introducing over 40 dishes, including more than 30 brand new offerings. These dishes capture the colourful, bold flavours of Latin America, with a special focus on seafood. From Mexico's spicy tang to Peru's citrusy freshness, every bite is an homage to the region's rich culinary heritage.

While cevicherias might make you think of ceviche exclusively, Canchita's brunch menu offers much more. Think tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, and tapas, all bursting with flavours. Start with PICAS like Patacones—green plantain crackers with guacamole—and Yuca Con Macha, featuring crunchy tapioca with macha sauce and avocado mayo. For a unique twist, try the oysters served with a shot of Tiger’s Milk.

Tostadas, Tacos, and Quesadillas Galore

The tostadas are a must-try, with variations like the Tostada Contra Mar, loaded with marinated yellowfin tuna, and the Black Tostada, featuring vegetarian aguachile and Oaxaca cheese. Tacos and quesadillas offer delights like the classic Chicken Quesadilla and the bold Lamb Rack Barbacoa Tacos, bringing grilled lamb and cactus salad to your plate.

Ceviches and Aguachiles

Ceviche & Aguachiles dishes marry Mexican and Peruvian traditions, featuring marinated raw fish and prawns. The Clasico is a classic market fish ceviche, while the Aguachile Tropical uses Hokkaido scallops with pineapple aguachile. These dishes are sure to tantalise your taste buds. Canchita’s tapas range from traditional Beef Heart Anticuchos to innovative dishes like the Prawn Omelette. The Jalea de Mariscos offers crispy seafood tossed in a criolla salad, while the Conchas a La Parmesana serves gratinated scallops in white wine and parmesan.

Hot Mains and Satisfying Sandwiches

For heartier fare, the Lomo Saltado—a Peruvian-Cantonese stir-fry—await, as well as the Peruvian Pork Sandwich “La Lucha” and the Torta de Pescado, provide equally satisfying options.

Sharing Plates and Perfect Pairings

Arroces dishes, like the Arroz con Mariscos, serve up Argentinean prawns with fish rice. Pair your meal with cocktails such as the classic Piña Colada or the refreshing Cucumber Gin & Plum for the perfect brunch experience. Canchita’s new brunch menu is a vibrant, flavorful journey through Latin America, perfect for those looking to spice up their weekends. Come and enjoy a culinary celebration that promises to leave you craving more. For more information, visit Canchita.