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Explore the Hidden Gems of Kyoto with Walk Japan's Newest Tour

Step off the beaten path. 

Embark on a journey beyond the bustling streets of Kyoto City and into the serene rural landscapes of Kyoto Prefecture with Walk Japan's latest offering – the Kyoto: Mountains to the Sea tour. This eight-day adventure delves into the lesser-known but stunning hinterland of Japan's ancient capital, offering a unique perspective on the country's rich history and culture. Venturing through Kyoto's picturesque countryside, the Kyoto: Mountains to the Sea tour presents a stark contrast to the urban hustle and bustle of Kyoto City. Here, amidst bucolic settings and traditional villages, visitors will discover the origins of the sublime foods and crafts that have defined Kyoto's legacy for over a millennium.

Traverse ancient trails that once served as vital arteries for commerce and communication, winding through verdant valleys and over lofty mountain passes. Along the way, encounter charming villages, historic temples, and rustic shrines, each steeped in their own stories and traditions. Culminating at the rugged shores of the Sea of Japan at Amanohashidate – one of Japan's three classic vistas – the journey promises awe-inspiring scenery at every turn.

Throughout the tour, guests will be treated to authentic Japanese hospitality at traditional inns, where warm welcomes and delectable meals await. Indulge in locally sourced delicacies such as Kyoyasai heirloom vegetables, Miyama ayu sweetfish, and Tanba buri yellowtail – the very staples celebrated in Kyoto City's renowned ryokan inns and restaurants. Designed for up to 12 participants, the Kyoto: Mountains to the Sea tour spans eight days and seven nights, beginning in Kyoto City and concluding at Amanohashidate. Daily walking distances range from eight to 16 kilometres, following mountain trails and quiet country lanes. Suitable for those leading an active lifestyle, the tour offers a Level 4 rating, ensuring accessibility for all.

Founded in 1992, Walk Japan has been at the forefront of offering immersive walking tours through Japan's lesser-traveled regions. From Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, Walk Japan's tours provide unparalleled insights into the country's natural beauty, history, society, and culture. Led by knowledgeable Tour Leaders, these experiences offer a deeper understanding of Japan's hidden treasures, making them accessible and enriching for travellers from around the world. For more information, visit Walk Japan.