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Fancy Staying In A Heritage-Listed Warehouse?

The fate of the infamous abandoned warehouse on Robertson Quay — a boutique heritage hotel.

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For years, the triple-pitched roof warehouse on Robertson Quay sat in apparent derelict solitude, which left many people wondering what its fate would be. Rumours abounded, ranging from another nightclub replacing the old Warehouse Disco, to demolition. At long last, this seemingly neglected spot has had new life breathed into it by The Lo & Behold Group — it is to become a boutique heritage hotel.

Aptly named The Warehouse Hotel, the property will be the predominantly F&B-focused hospitality group’s first foray into hotel management.

On The Lo & Behold Group’s decision to venture into hotels, the group’s managing partner, Wee Teng Wen, says: “Hotels are a natural extension of our strength as a hospitality group, both in concept design and guest experience. The fact that The Warehouse Hotel is located in a ‘godown’ is particularly unique and creates the opportunity to offer something with depth and soul. We’re proud that this heritage project is our group’s inaugural hotel — owned, designed and operated 100 percent locally.”

The heritage-listed building was originally built in 1895 as a warehouse for goods traded across Asia via Singapore. In the early 20th century it became a hub for shady business conducted between secret societies and was also an underground spirit distillery.

"The fact that The Warehouse Hotel is located in a ‘godown’ is particularly unique and creates the opportunity to offer something with depth and soul," says Wee Teng Wen, managing partner of The Lo & Behold Group.

The firm tasked with its restoration is local design agency Asylum. Charged with maintaining its heritage and local culture, Asylum kept much of the warehouse’s original architecture and industrial detailing. The firm also included other elements reminiscent of the warehouse’s past, such as traditional rattan and leather to complement its industrial interiors.

Aside from the stunning main lobby, the property has 37 guestrooms with several featuring stunning double-height ceilings and peaked roofs. Most of the warehouse’s original façade was kept with one exception: the incorporation of a rooftop infinity pool on the right wing of the hotel.

The Warehouse Hotel will also house a restaurant and bar, Po. Created by chef Willin Low, its menu will feature modern takes on traditional Singaporean flavours. Low is also the founder of Wild Rocket, which has been listed as one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants.

The Warehouse Hotel is open to bookings for January 2017.

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