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Holiday For Hope

Travel With A Conscious


Public trust in charities have been shaken by the series of charity fraud and misconduct cases coming to light, from the City Harvest Church embezzlement allegations to the more recent Oxfam sex scandal. Amidst this, a new pilot initiative by two local NGOs, CRIB and Operation Hope Foundation (OHF), offers some hope in instilling public confidence back into charity donations.

Combining travel with charity, ‘Holiday for Hope’ aims to kick-start and develop a tourism based programme to help charities supporting overseas beneficiaries become sustainable by tapping into local resources and raising their long-term fundraising capabilities.

A holiday trip on this programme ensures you and your loved ones enjoy a meaningful time with a jam-packed itinerary of unique activities featuring heritage tours and sunset cruises, all while resting in the knowledge that your holiday expenditure is helping the local communities. 

The first ‘Holiday for Hope’ programme is set to take place from 15th-18th March with 10 families signed on to embark on a visit to Siem Reap, Cambodia. The proceeds made will go directly toward OHF’s operations, where the funds will help to build basic amenities such as a well and toilets, electrical wiring to enable digital learning, as well as a playground for the school, which houses nearly 300 children between the ages of four and 12 years old, in aid of the local Ta Snae Primary School.

 “It is our goal to teach more NGOs to think like SMEs… and to help them raise their own sustainable revenue streams. We hope with this pilot project for OHF, that they will be able to take the concept of using travel and experiences to attract donations from individuals, and eventually do this multiple times a year”, says Tjin Lee, Co-Founder at CRIB.