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Luxury Travel Predictions For 2023

If 2022 was the year of recovery for the travel world, then 2023 is the year of regaining freedom and pursuing discovery.

What are we all craving now that next year looks like a whole year ahead of open travel? What have we missed the most? We asked Scott Dunn these pressing questions who found that while Asia’s appetite for international travel has most certainly returned, there is still a notable portion of travellers that remain somewhat cautious. While close to half of all guests surveyed (46 per cent) say they cannot wait to get on a plane and go abroad, 31 per cent prefer to take a more measured approach to travel, remaining cautious about potential travel disruptions in the new year. On top of that, 19 per cent also wish to venture out, but not too far from home, reflecting a somewhat measured approach.

Travel confidence is definitely back, with all 100 per cent of respondents saying that they will take at least one trip next year, an 87 per cent increase from 2022. The majority of guests — 71 per cent — are looking to take a minimum of two trips next year, while 22 per cent of respondents wish to travel four or more times in 2023. It is safe to say that many are tired of pandemic-related travel restrictions and are looking forward to their long-awaited freedom to travel. They found that an emerging trend among the luxury guest segment serviced by Scott Dunn is slow travel: The highest preference among guests would be to take a 1 – 2 week vacation in a single destination, highlighting their preference to fully explore and discover a location. 

In descending order, the top three things that luxury travel segment guests are looking for while on holiday are cultural experiences, food and drink, and experiencing local life and people, reflecting a desire to truly connect with and discover the destinations that they’re visiting, rather than visiting as a more traditional and disconnected tourist.

Discovering a new destination took the top spot as a reason to venture out in 2023, followed by ticking off bucket list destinations in second place, and rediscovering favourite places in third. In contrast, ticking off bucket list destinations only came in fifth last year, behind rediscovering favourite places, signifying that more luxury travellers are truly looking to travel out of their comfort zone and visit new, unexplored places.

Based on their luxury survey, here are the five destinations that are trending with Asian travellers for 2023.


The Kingdom of Bhutan is often known as the world’s happiest country, thanks to its governing philosophy of Gross National Happiness, a term coined by the 4th King of Bhutan in 1972 to measure the collective happiness and well-being of the population. It’s also one of the least-visited countries in the world, making for the perfect destination for seasoned travellers: Considering that a whopping 82 per cent of Scott Dunn guests are looking forward to discovering a brand new destination that they’ve never been to before, Bhutan makes for a great choice. Promising mountain-top temples set high in the clouds, as well as rolling, verdant valleys and a rich history, Bhutan is home to a wealth of natural and cultural discoveries



Europe continues to be the top regional destination of choice amongst Scott Dunn guests for 2023, with beloved destinations like Greece, Spain and Italy making it to the top 10 of the survey’s list of the most popular countries. While Europe maintains its spot as the region of choice for travellers, we also note that an overwhelming majority of guests want to discover a destination they’ve never been to before, which leads one to wonder — how do you reconcile the two together?  When it comes to beautiful European cities with plenty to offer, Croatia is a country that’s often missed in favour of more popular destinations like Italy or France. Aside from its pebbled beaches and incredibly varied list of islands — the country has over 1,000 islands — Croatia is also home to a vibrant wine production scene, a rich history, and fresh seafood caught straight from the Adriatic Sea, making it a true hidden gem in the region.



Cambodia is an oft-overlooked destination within Southeast Asia, but the country — which boasts amazing natural beauty, a fascinating history, and plenty of family-friendly activities — makes it a popular destination for those seeking authentic cultural and wildlife experiences; in Scott Dunn’s survey, cultural experiences take the lead when it comes to holiday interests.



Perhaps unsurprisingly, Japan has once again snapped up the top spot as the most popular country that travellers in the region want to visit in the new year, as 69 per cent of travellers picked Japan as their top destination choice to visit in 2023. Why wouldn’t they? Japan is a place of contrasts: One where old meets new, and where advanced technology meets glorious natural spectacle.


New Zealand 

There is plenty to love about New Zealand: Soaring mountains, ancient glaciers, huge forests, unique wildlife and superb beaches make it a favourite with outdoor lovers — but its cosmopolitan cities, vibrant arts scene and emerging culinary scene also make it an attractive destination for urbanites at heart.  Multi-generational travel is also growing in popularity here in Asia with a 14 per cent increase from last year of guests expecting to travel with their extended family in 2023. As a destination not too far off from the region, but boasting a myriad of activities and attractions, New Zealand is truly one of the most diverse and exciting holiday destinations in the world, with something to offer everyone.