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New Bars In Singapore For July 2020

Just when we thought we would never have a night out again, we entered the glorious phase two. Now, while by law, we must adhere to social distancing measures and be finished by 1030, there are still a slew of new supping spots to try. Here we tell you which ones are worth the visit.


No Sleep Club

When is a bar not just a bar? Well, when it's open all day really (but not past 10.30pm as per the Phase 2 rules). By day you can get coffee and light bites including slow-cooked short ribs and financiers with chilli and butter and by night, the cocktails take centre stage. As delicious as they are technical, Jessica Hutch and Juan Yi Jun bring their experience from Operation Dagger to create ingredient-led, innovative tipples including kombu-infused cognac and yuzu vermouth and miso tinged bloody marys.


Rebel Rebel

How to describe this new Bukit Pasoh joint? Well, firstly, the owners are committed to organic and minimal-intervention wines, selling everything from big name French brands to small, boutique Japanese labels. Secondly, they appreciate good food, as shown by the fact that the ex-sous chef of cult meat joint Burnt Ends now helms the kitchen. Good food and good wine - this one has our vote. 


Sago House

If there is something we really love, it's a good success story, and that's exactly what Sago House is. The product of a dream and lots of hard work from three F&B industry vets - Desiree Silva, George Abhishek , and Jay Gray - if the vibe inside comes off as DIY, that's because it pretty much is. Using upcycled materials and plenty of hard work, the owners have pretty much built Sago House with their own hands. When it comes to cocktail, theres a focus on local produce and the idea is to rotate the menu every few weeks. 


Laut Collective

Another new venue with a focus on local produce and influences is Laut Collective. Cocktails here are inspired by regional ingredients including gula Melaka, tamarind, soy and mango. But it's not all fancy cocktails as beer drinkers will have their thirst sated by limited-edition beers, created by beer connoisseur and co-founder, Frank Shen, who has put together a range including lemongrass and bentong giner beer. And if all this leaves you peckish, there's otak sandwiches, cereal frogs legs with curry leaf butter and king prawn and century egg risotto.