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Not Just For Fathers Or Uncles: Cognac For the Younger Generation

300-year-old cognac house Martell has created the Martell NCF (Non Chill Filtered) so as to stay relevant to the younger generation.

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Christophe Valtaud, Martell’s new cellar master, is the youthful man behind Martell NCF (Non Chill Filtered) — aimed at the younger generation.

The winds of change have reached the three-century-old House of Martell. Christophe Valtaud, former head of the vineyards, was promoted to cellar master in April this year at a fairly young age of 38. Valtaud, who comes from a line of winegrowers, went on to create a new type of cognac aimed at the younger generation.

The Martell NCF marks the first time a cognac house has used the non-chill-filter technique to create this French variety of brandy. While most cognacs are enjoyed neat, the new filtering process (at room temperature) of Martell NCF allows for it to reach its “full potential when served with ice or with a mixer,” according to Valtaud. “It is versatile in that sense.”

Forgoing the below-freezing-step of removing sediments of char, a non-chill filtered cognac will turn hazy when served on the rocks. For connoisseurs, this means a more expressive and smoother finish.

“Our new development is not only smooth on the rocks, but has hints of apricot jam, candied fruits and vanilla, so it’s something for the ladies as well,” explains Valtaud.

It is about time that cognac drinkers aren’t earmarked as just cliché cigar smokers and carefree Chinese businessmen. And with Valtaud’s youth, Martell wants to portray resilience in a changing market. This is not to say the House doesn’t keep its heritage. Valtaud will continue to nurture a dialogue between the different domains of savoir-faire as he crafts Martell cognacs and perpetuates the heritage of icons like Martell Cordon Bleu and Martell XO.

The Cognac native is no stranger to the vineyards and terroirs of his region. His experience was later enhanced through study at the University of Poitiers and work experience with the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC).

Martell NCF is available at about 17 nightlife establishments in Singapore, which are Space, Zouk, Kyo, Empire/Skyline, Suite 26, Bang Bang, f.Club, Altimate, Ce La Vi, Attica, Canvas, Baliza, Cherry, Millian, Kilo, Nova, and Monti.