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Post Covid travel trends from the global media according to Bawah Reserve

As travel changes in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Bawah Reserve take a look at five major travel publications and what they are predicting our holidays will look like in the (hopefully) not-so-distant future.

Conde Nast Traveller 

Tom Barber co-founder of Original Travel recently wrote a feature for Conde Nast Traveller about six travel trends that he predicts will be big post-lockdown.  His six tips are:

  • Industry expertise will be more valuable than ever – book via a trusted travel agent
  • Sustainable travel will become a key consideration – ensure your hotel or resort is doing their part for the planet
  • Travellers will want their holidays to have meaning – figuring out a way to give back while having a bit of fun
  • Visit destinations that rely on tourism – helping to support the local economy directly
  • Longer trips will become more common – arrive at a destination and relax a few more days or turn it into a work-cation
  • People will crave holidays that offer connections – creating connections with each other and also the places you visit through new experiences

South China Morning Post

The SCMP predicted that the current Coronavirus will change tourism forever and not only that but four main post-pandemic travel trends will emerge. This will centre around travellers wanting to avoid mass tourism sites and more 'cookie-cutter' travel experiences that will in turn, hopefully, drive the industry to move towards more sustainable, compassionate and mindful practises. 

Asia Tatler

Asia Tatler were thinking along the same lines after speaking to leading industry experts and put forward the following predictions: 

  • Travellers will be “searching for sanctuary, privacy and a greater
    sense of calm and peacefulness.”
  • Off-the-beaten track and natural destinations are sure to become
    even more in demand.
  • Travel for health and wellbeing - Andrea Oschetti from Blue FlowerTravel shares with Tatler his prediction around “a rise in wellness travel with people realising, during this pandemic, how important and valuable good health is.”
  • Overall travelling with a greater sense of intention and meaning, those looking to explore the world of luxury travel will also want to engage and connect with local communities.



Forbes predict the end to the weekend getaway noting that travel post-pandemic will be slower and more sustainable with extended stays and holidays taking on more of a practical safety and hygiene angle.  

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