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RIMOWA Welcomes Jay Chou as Global Ambassador

Since its inception in 1898, RIMOWA has been synonymous with premium luggage, crafting iconic travel companions that stand the test of time.

Now, the German Maison is proud to announce its latest partnership with Mando-pop artist Jay Chou, who joins as a global ambassador, marking a significant moment in the brand's history. Jay Chou, known for his versatility as a musician, director, and actor, embodies RIMOWA's spirit of craftsmanship and innovation. His career trajectory, marked by constant exploration and reinvention, mirrors the brand's commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards. In his role as RIMOWA's global ambassador, Jay Chou aims to inspire travellers worldwide to embark on life-changing journeys.

This collaboration between RIMOWA and Jay Chou goes beyond a shared pursuit of excellence; it represents a natural evolution of their longstanding relationship. RIMOWA's suitcases have been Jay Chou's trusted companions throughout his career, accompanying him on professional endeavours and personal travels alike. One of his RIMOWA suitcases was even showcased at RIMOWA's 125th-anniversary exhibition, SEIT 1898, highlighting the deep connection between the artist and the brand.

Reflecting on his partnership with RIMOWA, Jay Chou shares, "As I travel around the world, my RIMOWA suitcases have been trusted companions that I share precious memories with. They’ve accompanied me not only in professional settings but during other travels too, as I delved into new realms to seek out inspiration. Serving as RIMOWA’s global ambassador brings me great joy. I value this connection and hold this enduring relationship with the brand dearly."