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Roia x Le Matin Mother’s Day Brunch Unveils Exquisite Menu

An elevated Mother’s Day experience.

Roia and Le Matin have joined hands to curate an exquisite Mother’s Day Brunch, promising a delightful fusion of French flavours and culinary expertise. At Roia, Chef Priyam’s vibrant culinary narrative merges seamlessly with Chef Matin’s pastry mastery from Le Matin Patisserie, crafting an unforgettable dining experience set to tantalise taste buds and create lasting memories.

Scheduled for May 12, 2024, this exclusive one-day-only brunch event will feature two seatings at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm, ensuring that every guest can savour the gastronomic journey crafted by these talented chefs. The menu is a harmonious blend of Chef Priyam’s signature dishes and Chef Matin’s innovative desserts, showcasing the best of French sweet and savoury delicacies.

A standout creation for this occasion is the Matin Meets Priyam Croque Madame, a reinterpretation of the classic French snack elevated with a fine dining twist. This delectable dish encapsulates the collaborative spirit of the chefs, infusing comfort cuisine with refined elegance. Each bite tells a story of culinary exploration and friendship, encapsulating the essence of the collaboration.

Nestled within the lush greenery of Singapore’s UNESCO World Heritage Botanic Gardens, Roia provides a picturesque backdrop for this culinary extravaganza. Chef Priyam’s cooking philosophy, inspired by the garden's flora, brings forth a menu that celebrates nature's bounty and Singapore's vibrant heritage. With each dish, guests embark on a sensory journey, discovering the diverse flavours of the region. Le Matin Patisserie, helmed by Chef Matin, adds a touch of sophistication with its expertly crafted pastries sourced from premium ingredients worldwide. Chef Matin's culinary journey, enriched by his experiences alongside renowned chefs, culminates in Le Matin's offerings, promising a symphony of flavours and textures. For more information, visit Roia.


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