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Savour The Art Of French Luxury Living With De Dietrich

Craft The Kitchen Of Your Dreams With De Dietrich’s New Line Of Cooking Appliances

Every skilled craftsman needs a stellar set of tools to achieve the best results. Similarly, whether you are an aspiring or skilled home chef, a well-equipped kitchen is an absolute necessity in helping you achieve your culinarian dreams. When it comes to top-notch design and quality cooking applainces, none do it better than the French premium appliance brand, De Dietrich. 

With a 300 hundred year old legacy, the heritage brand reaches new heights with this fresh collection that combines the distinctive glossy metallic finishes with sensuous designs, providing the full epicurean experience to anyone who steps into the home kitchen.

This latest line of cooking appliances, the Fascination collection, melds innovation and artistry, resulting in technological and aesthetic masterpieces that functions as well as it looks.

With the Christmas season in full swing, there is no better time to consider splurging on these beauties for your whole family’s enjoyment in the coming New Year. As much as we would like to recommend the entire range of products, here are our top three picks on the list of must-have appliances that will imbue refinement into your home kitchen.


Built-In 45 cm Ovens

Built-In 45 cm Ovens

The award-winning De Dietrich 45cm built-in Fascination oven is the ideal solution for petite kitchens or for budding chefs who require more specialised cooking equipment. The 45cm built-in ovens makes maximising your culinary potential effortless and chic. These versatile ovens feature a phlethora of functions for all your cooking needs, from low temperature cooking to create those tantalizingly tender and flavorsome dishes to the unique drying function allows you to create your own dried produce in the comfort of your home.

Domino Hobs

Domino Hobs

Having spent over two decades perfecting the patented induction technology, De Dietrich continues to push the limits on zoneless induction cooking with new added features and accessories designed to bring your induction hob functionality to new heights. Updated with a sleeker and more flexible design, each domino hob offers may be either used solo or in conjunction with others to offer a ultimate customizability that caters to every chefs’ needs and desires. 38cm and 30cm options of Gas, Induction (horiZone and non-horiZone) and Teppanyaki surfaces are available to fit every kitchen space big or small.



No kitchen is complete without the De Dietrich Fascination hoods to stave off undesirable oils and odours while cooking. Among its numerous features, the hoods feature state-of-the art Intelligent Cleaning System (ICS) technology, automatically detecting and removing heat and vapour and calibrating its power setting according to the volume and rate of emission.


In the spirit of the Christmas season, we have teamed up with De Dietrich to bring you a wonderful giveaway. For more information, and your chance to win, head on over here to enter.

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