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Scott Dunn: The Pinnacle Of Travel Extravagance

Bespoke Luxury Holidays And Personalised Services Well Worth The Splurge

As bespoke luxury travel experiences go, none plan them better than the travel specialists at Scott Dunn. Renowned for going above and beyond to bring you the most impeccable top notch private services imaginable, here are the best personalised services you can tailor-suit to your whims and fancy when you embark on any journey with Scott Dunn.

Private Nannies

Scott Dunn’s dedicated childcare team consists of UK-qualified nannies to ensure that even the junior guests enjoy a fabulous time on your family holiday. Available to all Scott Dunn chalet and hotel guests in Val d’Isère, Courchevel 1850 and St Anton, their professional nanny service offers childcare from 4 months to 13 years in both their summer and winter programmes. Judging from all the raving reviews so far, it seems having an extra pair of hands on your family holiday to cater to the needs of your children makes all the difference.

Proving that nothing is impossible, for those who wish to let loose and enjoy wild nights out in Ibiza, Scott Dunn nannies can also be flown to Ibiza to help look after your children whilst you relax and enjoy the comforts of your villa and the bustling nightlife.

Flying Chefs

Scott Dunn’s line-up of internationally renowned chefs allows you to embark on your own private epicurean journey with your loved ones in the comforts of your private Scott Dunn chalet.  Offering guest the unique opportunity to observe a top chef at work, preparing and creating a bespoke menu inspired by the style of each chef and the individual tastes of your party.

The line up of chefs you can choose from are all powerhouses of the industry, with an arsenal of accolades, television appearance, recipe books and experience in some of the world’s leading kitchens behind them. From the flavours of the South Pacific to the Mediterranean and the Far East, the culinary prowess of our chefs spans the globe yet can be brought to your doorstep with Scott Dunn.

Professional Photography Experience

Scott Dunn’s latest addition to their exclusive repertoire of services include offering private professional photographers to ensure all the best moments of your romantic break, family holiday or honeymoon are captured to perfection. In addition, their photographers are local to your travel destination, armed with a wealth of knowledge of all the best spots in their home city for your to explore.

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