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SpaceVIP Announces Unforgettable Dining Experience in Space with Michelin-Starred Chef

A culinary journey beyond earth's atmosphere with SpaceVIP's dining experience.

SpaceVIP, a pioneer in luxury space travel experiences, is thrilled to announce an unprecedented opportunity: an immersive dining experience in space with Michelin-starred Chef Rasmus Munk from restaurant Alchemist. This extraordinary expedition will unfold aboard Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune, the world's first carbon-neutral spaceship, offering six lucky explorers the chance to make history by enjoying a meal of a lifetime above 99% of Earth's atmosphere.

What makes this experience truly unique is the meticulous attention to detail. French fashion house Ogier will outfit each Explorer in made-to-measure outfits crafted using cutting-edge fabric technology developed specifically for this mission. These bespoke ensembles will ensure that every participant feels both comfortable and stylish as they embark on this six-hour journey, set to launch in late 2025 from the Space Coast of Florida.

But what sets Space Perspective apart is its commitment to safety and accessibility. Unlike traditional rocket launches, Spaceship Neptune delivers a completely reimagined spaceflight experience with no training or special gear required. Featuring a pressurised capsule lifted gently by a SpaceBalloon™, Explorers will ascend 100,000 ft above sea level, where they will dine while watching the sunrise over the Earth's curvature.

Chef Rasmus’s imaginative creations will enhance every aspect of the experience, with dishes inspired by the role of space exploration in human history. Through the language of Holistic Cuisine, Chef Rasmus will craft a narrative that encourages reflection on our relationship with Earth and the broader cosmos. “This experience represents the culmination of a lifelong dream,” says Chef Rasmus Munk of Alchemist. “By blending gastronomy with art and science, I hope to inspire discussion about social and environmental issues. Serving food while gazing down at the Earth's curvature will be a truly meaningful moment.”

For SpaceVIP Founder Roman Chiporukha, this journey marks a pivotal moment in human history. “Through visionary collaboration with Chef Rasmus Munk and Ogier, we aim to redefine not just private space exploration but also the essence of fine dining,” says Chiporukha. “This mission is the first step in our mission to elevate human consciousness and shape the future of humanity.”

Embarking on this unprecedented culinary odyssey promises to be a transformative experience, not just for the guests but for humanity as a whole. With food as a common thread in our existence, this journey has the power to inspire a greater appreciation for Earth and our shared humanity. The six-hour journey is set to launch in late 2025 from the Space Coast of Florida starting at the price of $495k per ticket. All proceeds from this expedition will be directed to the Space Prize Foundation, dedicated to promoting gender equity in science and technology.

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