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Sustainable Travel Trends

For those who seek a more socially conscious travel experience, leading tour operator, Scott Dunn puts sustainability and ecotourism first while delivering unparalleled luxury guest experiences.Withtheincreasedimportanceofapositiveenvironmentalimpactintravel, Scott Dunn includes a range of ecological lodges and hotels within its portfolio - from stylish, urban boltholes to remote green-minded getaways.



Best of Jordan & Israel

Partnered with the cultural delights of The Middle East, this tour includes an off-the-beaten- track experience of glamping in the stunning Wadi Rum, home to a dramatic, alien looking landscape, with striking rock formations that rise from the red and gold sand. Scott Dunn enables guests to soak in the natural beauty of Jordan and its surrounding mountains under the night sky with a stay at the remote eco-friendly Bespoke Hideaways Discovery Bedu Camp. The small, desert camp has only six exclusive, luxury tented suites all with a private deck and en-suite bathroom. Powered only through solar panels or candlelight to maintain a sense of being at one with nature, the areas are atmospherically lit to create an authentic ambience. Scott Dunn organises bespoke activities depending on the desires of the guests –including a camel ride to retrace Lawrence of Arabia’s steps through the martian-like desert.



Off The Beaten Track in Swedish Lapland

Tailored for the adventure-seeker, Scott Dunn indulges travellers with a stay at Aurora Safari Camp, a traditional tented safari-style camp of Scandinavian tipis situated on the edge of the frozen Råne River. This eco-lodge offers complete serenity and tranquillity with an uninterrupted view of the breathtaking Northern Lights. Within the rustic set-up, guests group together around the campfire with reindeer hide covers to keep warm. In keeping with the ecology focused camp philosophy, guests are shown how to chop their own wood and encouraged to keep the wood burning in their tent stoves to shelter from the freezing outdoor temperatures. The itinerary is made up of an extensive range of activities including an excursion to view the awe-inspiring Northern Lights, a snowmobile ride on a frozen lake and a dip in the wood-fired bathtub in the icy wilderness.



Cambodia in Style

Combining adventure with relaxation, Scott Dunn’s Cambodia in Style partners the cultural discovery of the enchanting Siem Reap and the magnificent Angkor Wat with a relaxing stay at Song Saa in the stunning crystal blue waters of the Koh Rong Archipelago. As the first ever luxury island development in Cambodia, Song Saa has set a new standard in environmentally sensitive, luxurious accommodation. The hotel is designed to reside in harmony with the environment, using upcycled natural materials and advocating eco-friendly practices. Guests are invited to partake in these programmes, including snorkelling excursions to the nearby reef and marine conservation, home to an abundance of fascinating marine life. Alternatively, guests can accompany the conservation team to observe the community efforts on neighbouring islands.



Sustainability at Singita

Scott Dunn showcases itineraries staying at the African safari operator and conservation brand Singita, promising to transform each guest for a lifetime. In commitment to their 100-year purpose to preserve and protect the African wilderness, Singita has various long-term programmes in place to reduce the environmental impact across its operations. Singita has installed large solar plants at both Sweni Lodge in the Kruger National Park and the newly refurbished Faru Faru Lodge in Tanzania - by using renewable technologies, Singita aims to rely on energy efficient solar power.

In a bid to decrease water scarcity, Singita’s properties have strict water monitoring systems ensuring limited leakage and returning water to the natural ecosystem unpolluted, clean and safe. Maintaining these efforts to replace everything back into Africa’s ecosystem, Singita strives to reduce waste through appropriate recycling with the aim to send zero waste to landfill. Guests and staff are given stainless steel or glass water bottles filled from the in-house water filter systems, plastic straws have been replaced with reusable metal ones and removing single-use plastics the lodge operations.

With a farm-to-table ethos, Singita focuses on a primarily plant-based diet, purchasing seasonal produce from local farmers and supporting local enterprises through community programmes, to reduce Singita’s environmental impact and reliance on food importation. Singita invites guests to join a cookery class at Singita Culinary Community School at Lebombo Lodge in Kruger National Park, for a small contribution to support the school.



Capella Ubud as environmentally-conscious

Within Scott Dunn’s collection of hotels is the eco-friendly luxury tented camp, Capella Ubud nestled amidst the unspoiled beauty of Bali’s luscious rainforest with the verdant, tropical environment surrounding the guest rooms, villas and manors. Centred upon the conscious idea of “minimal intervention” all trees and plants have been left untouched and protected throughout the hotel’s construction process.

Focusing on the farm-to-table movement, Capella Ubud has an extensive onsite organic garden, crayfish farm and beehives. Through community initiatives, Capella assists the local villages by supporting local enterprises and purchasing home-grown goods. The hotel offers a scholarship programme to teach children from the surrounding area a hospitality-related skill as well as English classes to set them up for future success within the industry. Capella Ubud asks these students to “pay” by bringing a bag of empty plastic bottles to each class, which the team will recycle with all proceeds benefit the village.