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The Best Hidden Beach Holidays

Did you know that over 63% of Singaporeans list beach holidays as their dream vacay's? 

With a whopping 63% of Singaporeans saying that the beach is number one on their lust list when it comes to holidays, we thought we would treat you to a list of the best beach destinations you can find.

Gold Coast - Australia 

With a reported average of more than 300 days of sunshine a year, warm temperatures year-round and loads of activities, including surfing classes for beginners, shopping and great places to eat, it’s obvious why the Gold Coast has been an Australian favourite vacation destination for decades.  With its 70km of sandy beaches to enjoy, it’s a paradise for surfing and water sports, making it one of’s top 10 endorsed destinations for beach-related activities. As one of 2023’s Most Welcoming Cities on Earth, visitors can also expect genuine Aussie hospitality throughout their stay

Phuket, Thailand

Tucked away on the enchanting island of Phuket, Thailand, lies the hidden gem of Naiharn Beach. With its captivating allure and breathtaking beauty, it has captured the hearts of both locals and adventurous travellers alike. Featuring a stunning shoreline adorned with picturesque nooks, Naiharn offers a slice of paradise not far from home.  Snorkelling and scuba diving lovers will find themselves captivated by a vibrant world beneath the surface, teeming with colourful coral reefs and an array of marine life.  Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Land of Smiles as you unwind on the terrace or explore the area’s natural wonders on bike. And when you’re done with Naiharn Beach, hop over to Ya Nui Beach and Rawai Beach, both a short distance away.

Phú Quốc, Vietnam

Stretching for miles along the shoreline, Phú Quốc island is a true sanctuary that beckons travellers seeking a tranquil retreat. Located off the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand, this Vietnamese beach is widely known for white-sand beaches and resorts. Spanning over half the island’s area is the Phú Quốc National Park, showcasing a captivating blend of mountains, lush tropical jungles and scenic hiking trails. Wander through the bustling town of Duong Dong, open from day to night, for a taste of the vibrant local culture where an array of crafts, fresh produce and an abundant selection of fish are available. 

Bali, Indonesia

Nestled off the coast of Bali, Indonesia, rests the enchanting Lembongan Island — home to the mesmerising Dream Beach. True to its name, this idyllic beach presents a dreamscape lapped by the gentle turquoise waves of the Indian Ocean. For thrill-seekers, this beach offers more than just a tranquil view! Find yourself immersed in the wonders of the ocean alongside majestic sea turtles, and marvel at the schools of tropical fish in your next snorkelling adventure. When you’re done exploring the island, hop on a speed boat from Sanur-Bali or Tanjung Benoa to Dream Beach Huts, located slightly off the beaten track for a serene getaway. The spacious huts come with your own private balcony that overlooks coastal views, giving travellers a panoramic view from above. For the ultimate pampering, indulge in a traditional Balinese massage that is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated.