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The best vegetarian meals in Singapore

Plant-based perfection

If you haven’t been swayed by Dry January, how about meat-free Monday’s as some sort of 2021 health-kick? Did you know that just by not eating meat one day per week you can cut your risk of heart disease and also help the environment in one clean sweep? So, if you fancy giving meat-free Monday’s or any day a chance, here is where to get the best meat-free dinners in town.


Mezza9 started their life here in Singapore out of a little food truck on Scotts Road. Sure, it was in front of the Grand Hyatt but still. Thanks to a huge amount of interest in this meat-free burger alternative, Mezza9 has a permanent spot in said Grand Hyatt hotel. So what’s it all about, well, aside from the fact that Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio were early investors, Mezza9 serves up the Beyond Burger – which is 100 percent plant-based but yet looks and tastes exactly like a real burger. Oh, it’s also gluten and soy-free. There’s also sustainably farmed-fish, raw vegetable salads and ricotta and tomato salads on the menu. 


Over at VeganBurg, their slogan is ‘burgers that make the planet happy’ and they do this, quite simply, by using an entirely plant-based menu. Turning the traditional notion of fast food on its head, over here it's all about sustainable and nutritious food that is also tasty as heck. The cracked mayo burger is a best seller as is the avocado beetroot, knocked down with some seaweed fries or grilled broccoli and a fresh juice – this place can do no wrong in our eyes.

The Living Café

Fun fact, I lived near this place for nearly a year and kept driving past and thinking ‘that place looks super healthy – I must go in.’ Well, now I have been in, I keep going back because firstly, I was right, it is healthy, and secondly, it’s really delicious. Created by a nutritionist the café has a range of supplements to choose upstairs while downstairs is a delicious café with healthy juices, raw salads, vegetarian flans and zucchini pesto pasta.

Original Sin

If you think about vegetarian food in Singapore, this will be the first one that comes to mind. A Holland Village staple, this vegetarian Middle-Eastern joint does some seriously tasty dishes. There’s the halloumi salad, the vegetarian moussaka, the funghi pizza with vegan cheese and some of the best hummus we have ever had.

Porcelain Café by Gratefood

If you haven’t had a facial at Porcelain then you need to get there stat and if you haven’t had an acai berry bowl at their café in Paragon, then the same applies. Turning plant-based food into yummy works of art, they use all-natural, no added sugar, fresh as you like ingredients for meals and treats that will linger in your mind longer than on your hips.