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The best yusheng for a prosperous New Year

How to usher in the New Year in the most fabulous, and prosperous, ways.

Min Jiang at Goodwood Hotel

Min Jiang at Dempsey’s magnificent ‘yu sheng’ this year by Master Chef Goh Chee Kong – Auspicious Abundance ‘Lo Hei’ features a duo of bunnies and ‘carrots’* as an ode to the Year of the Rabbit. Though not the cheapest option, $288 per person, this masterful creation showcases generous velvety slices of raw salmon belly and salmon slices arranged meticulously in the shape of carrots* while the adorable bunnies are made from osmanthus jelly, with goji berries as their ears. Diners will love the abalone topped with tobiko and arranged to resemble a lotus flower, while a medley of romaine lettuce and edible flowers accompanied by deep-fried yam and sweet potato strips add a refreshing touch. Just before tossing, deep-fried crackers made from spring roll skin and Vietnamese rice paper coated in salted egg and pork floss, as well as crushed peanuts, pine nuts, and sesame seeds are added for extra crunch, along with an uplifting dressing made with sour plum, calamansi, strawberry sauce and pineapple sauce.


Ya Ge

Over at Ya Ge, there is something for grown-ups and those not so grown with the bunny puddings made from mango and milk, edible flowers and a range of set menus for veggies and meat-lovers alike. Each set menu is perfectly set-up for CNY celebrations, coming with Chinese tea, a pair of oranges and a deck of hongbaos for each table. 

Summer Pavilion

Expect luxury over at one-star Michelin restaurant Summer Pavilion this CNY. They have a lunch option ($138) and a dinner menu ($198) with a minimum of two people dining. Optional add-on's include whole lobsters and caviar while menu delights include double-boiled chicken soup, sauteed shrimps with coral clams and braised six-head South African Abalone. 


Man Fu Yuan

Hop into the year of Rabbit with Man Yu Fun's Signature 60-inch “Prosperity Rabbit” Yusheng. At 60-inche, this $588++ Yusheng is shaped into the Chinese character ‘Rabbit’ (兔) and adorned with a host of delicious and luxurious bits including mini abalone, lobster, sea urchin, ikura, dried shredded Hokkaido scallops, salmon and crispy fish skin completed with a refreshing honey pink guava dressing with shallot oil, symbolising new and sweet beginnings.

Shang Palace

Over at Shang Palace at the Shangri-La, there is some CNY fun to be had in the form of their limited-edition Yu Sheng. This year it will be arranged into the image of a rabbit and will be served with South African abalone, hokkaido scallop, locally-caught lobsters and the finest Scottish smoked salmon. Available from 9th January to 5th February, it's available only for those dining-in and you need to book at least two days in advance. 


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