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The Ritz-Carlton Maldives create transformative retreats

Because where else than the Maldives would you go for some serious R&R.

When it comes to luxury holidays these days, we are all looking for something a little bit more than just resting on a beach - even if it is pure white sand with crystal blue water kind of beach. With life seemingly more hectic and frantic than ever, when we relax we really need to decompress and reset - which is why the Ritz-Carlton in the Maldives have created the ultimate transformative retreat. 

The Essence of Balance - Elemental Harmony - a unique island experience dedicated to holistic rejuvenation and inner harmony is set against the stunning backdrop of the Maldives and runs from May 23 - 27, 2024. This exclusive retreat promises curated wellness and fitness sessions designed to facilitate self-discovery and enlightenment.

Powered by the significance of the number five, the Elemental Harmony Retreat invites guests to delve into the elemental forces of the number, whose presence is woven into every aspect of the experience. Guests will embrace the five elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit - each representing stability, adaptability, transformation, intellect, and transcendence, offering a holistic journey of self-discovery. The group will be guided by five practitioners, each a master of their respective fields, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a space where balance and wisdom intersect. Lastly the retreat will be united by five distinct pillars - Unity, Balance, Resilience, Harmony, and Transcendence - aiming to unveil the interconnectedness of all things, nurturing spiritual growth and prosperity.

Each day begins with mindfulness expert Jackie Stewart, guiding guests through intention-setting and meditation sessions, fostering transformative journeys of self-discovery followed by invigorating yoga sessions designed to awaken the body led by skilled instructor Josh Kramer. Guests can also enjoy high-intensity training (HIT) workouts with Jacy Cunningham, blending yoga with interval training for enhanced physical strength and mental resilience.

Over the course of the afternoon, Nicole Rutsch will lead guests in daily sound baths, offering a deeply immersive journey of holistic wellness and spiritual growth that aligns with guests' intentions and fosters inner peace and balance. Lastly, Nicole Berrie will lead an expanse of curated culinary experiences featuring diverse menus, breakfast delights, cooking classes, and exclusive dinners, ensuring guests nourish both body and soul throughout their stay.

The Elemental Harmony master practitioners include:

Jackie Stewart – Element: Spirit

Jackie Stewart, a NYC-based meditation teacher and mindfulness advisor, discovered meditation during a transformative retreat in Nepal. She pursued formal training, completing The Interdependence Project's meditation teacher program, The Open Center's Integrative Sound and Music certification, and UC Berkeley’s Science of Happiness Program. This enabled her to bridge inner peace with external realities for others. 

Josh Kramer – Element: Earth

Josh Kramer, originally from Zimbabwe, brings a global perspective to his lifelong dedication to Yoga. With a teaching style combining Iyengar Yoga and Vinyasa flow, he emphasises alignment, and integrity, and encourages creativity and strength. Passionate about handstands, Kramer guides students to master this challenging pose, enhancing strength, technique, and confidence. 

Jacy Cunningham – Element: Water

Raised in an athletically inclined family, Jacy Cunningham felt the pressure to excel in sports, leading him to secure a football scholarship at Howard University. Despite his achievements, he sensed a misalignment with his true calling. After soul-searching at Summit Series events in Utah, where he served as a movement instructor until 2017, Jacy founded The Jacy Method. This transformative movement practice, certified by the American Aerobic Association International Sports Medicine Association and Qoya Yoga, focuses on emotional and physical well-being. 

Nicole Rutsch – Element: Air

Nicole, raised on a farm in Stadecken, Germany, developed a profound appreciation for farm-to- table cooking and the arts. Guided by childhood lessons in preservation, she learned to make preserves from leftover fruit in her grandparents’ orchards. Drawing from her studies in herbalism, Nicole now helps others establish a positive, healthy connection with food, incorporating herbs from local ecosystems. Recognizing the significance of holistic wellness, she expanded her focus to soul healing. Facing personal challenges, Nicole gained self-awareness and embraced Reiki, a Japanese therapeutic technique promoting emotional and physical well-being. Witnessing its transformative effects, she became a certified Reiki Master, dedicated to sharing knowledge and fostering growth and unity on life's journey.

Nicole Berrie – Element: Fire

Nicole Berrie, a versatile entrepreneur, is renowned for her innovative contributions to wellness and nutrition. As the founder of Bonberi, she curated a popular online wellness guide covering nutrition, beauty, and mindfulness. Berrie's expertise also extends to culinary arts, showcased in her Body Harmony cookbook featuring plant-based recipes for intuitive eating.