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The World's Best Selfie Spot

If your holiday isn't complete without some envy-inducing selfies then this is the list for you.

If your idea of a perfect holiday is made or broken by Instagram likes then we have quite the treat for you. From London to Athens, here are the best selfie spots around the world.



London - Leake Street

London has long been associated with a thriving local art scene and nothing is more unique or quintessentially new British than street art. If you are fan then head on over to Leake Street. First coming to the public domain thanks to a piece of artwork by none other than Banksy, this special little tunnel is teaming with up and coming street art. 


Netherlands - Amsterdam

Forget selfies with Dutch tulips, we've seen that a million times. For a picture with a difference, take a shot along the fabulous 31km-long River Amstel. For bonus points, try and get a shot near the famed Zuiderkerk, a popular 17th-century church. 


Switzerland - Zurich

No matter where you have been on your travels, you are sure not to have seen anything as unique as the fabulously quirky Bruno Weber Park. Find your perfect selfie in this fairy-tale land, full of mystical creatures and sculptures. 


Germany - Munich

While we are talking about fairytales, how about this for a fact: the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich was one of Disney's main influences when creating Beauty and the Beast. So if you fancy your own fairy tale ending, why not head on over to see the stunning, baroque palace and it's opulent design. 


Greece - Athens

Bonus points for a cultural selfie? Well then the Acropolis in Athens is the place you need to head to. Built during the Roman times by Herodes Atticus, why not head on over from June to July to catch the Athens Festival - the annual celebration of music, theatre and dance. 


Italy - Rome

While we know it's super touristy, you really can't beat a selfie at the famous Trevi Fountain. Our best tip is to get there early morning, before 8am so it's not too busy and then head off to one of the near by bars for an espresso and cornetto for breakfast. While you are there, don't forget to throw a coin over your shoulder into the fountain - legend has it that if you do that you will be guaranteed to go back.