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Things You Should Know About Bird’s Nest

Don’t pigeon-hole what you can or cannot gift to your friends and families. Opt for bird’s nest this New Year.

    With Chinese New Year just around the corner, many are frantically shopping for gifts to present to their friends and family members. New Year goodies such as barbecued pork slices (bak kwa) or gift hampers comprising premium abalone are the typical pickings. Of course, another popular gift would be bird’s nest.

    However, many people I know have expressed their reservations of purchasing bird’s nest because they are unsure of how to ascertain its quality. We also lack the knowledge and time to prepare them. But there’s now a new class contender in the market to make your decision-making easier.

    Armed with a strong personal belief that living well entails eating well, Freddy Yap, CEO of Superior Brand, naturally ventured into the food business. Yap gains much satisfaction from seeing first-hand the health benefits Superior Brand’s products have in the provision of nutrition for people.

    Take for example Superior’s premium bird’s nests. Hand selected from bird’s nests houses in Malaysia, the company, which is HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System) certified, ensures that the production of the bird’s nests complies with high levels of food and safety standards. The organic bird’s nests are also free from any additives, chemicals or cleaning agents.

    Concerned whether the harvesting procedures are ethical? Yap assures us that bird’s nests are only harvested after they have been abandoned by the swiftlets. And for those who want to enjoy the bird’s nests but also save the hassle of preparing them, Superior Brand delivers made-to-order double-boiled bird’s nest right to your doorstep, of which you can even choose the desired level of sweetness.