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This was the best destination to visit in 2018

Travel + Leisure has declared Japan the 2018 Destination of the Year. 



As the year winds down, editors at the travel magazine have named Japan the best country to have visited in 2018 for its diversity of offerings, from its hot springs and spas, fashion and gastronomy, to "quirkier" experiences like beer, wine and ramen baths. 

Editors single out Tokyo for its street fashion, creativity, rich culture and history and call the cherry blossom season and festivals must-do experiences. 

They also praise the country for being resilient to the spate of typhoons, earthquakes and landslides which struck the country in 2018. 

"Thanks to Japan's bustling cities, beautiful countryside, and whimsical experiences, travelers keep coming back for more. That's why we decided to make the country our 2018 Destination of the Year." 



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