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Three Great Martinis to Try in Singapore this World Martini Day

Raise a glass to the iconic cocktail.

Held every year on the third Saturday of June, World Martini Day is a celebration of style, sophistication, and all things Martini. Whether you prefer a classic gin and vermouth mix or a trendy vodka Martini, this day is for raising a glass and savouring the elegance of this iconic cocktail. Bars and restaurants get in on the fun with special Martini menus, offering their unique twists on this timeless drink. It’s the perfect chance for everyone, from cocktail aficionados to casual sippers, to dive into the rich history and sophisticated flavours of the Martini. Here are three great Martinis to sip on this World Martini Day. 

Jelly Fish Marini at FURA

This twist on a dry martini infuses gin with jellyfish, kombu, and fish leaf (a Vietnamese herb with an oyster-like flavour). The dry vermouth is enhanced with spirulina, and the drink is elegantly finished with a few drops of roasted kombu oil, creating a refined and savoury martini.

Lyc Me Peaches at Studio 1939 

This sophisticated twist on a Lychee Martini introduces a hint of citrus from nectarines and vibrant herbaceous notes from Oolong tea, perfectly balancing the sweetness of the lychee.

The Martini at Puffy Bois

At the Bali Lane pizza spot, the classic Martini gets a unique twist with a touch of Palo Cortado sherry. Served crispy and cold at -10°C, it's garnished with your choice of olives or a twist.