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Travel-foodie Bucket List: 7 Foods You Must Try In New Zealand

Visiting New Zealand soon? Here’s a list of must-tries for foodies, as suggested by Alexandra Stewart, founder of Antipodean Luxury Travel.

Pedro’s House of Lamb.

New Zealand-born Alexandra Stewart moved to Singapore in 2015. One year later, the former creative director and deputy chair of Skope Industries (a succesful manufacturing company founded by Stewart’s father) went on to launch her own business called Antipodean Luxury Travel.

The New Zealand travel specialist caters specifically to the Asian market. “I set up the travel company because I didn’t think the New Zealand I love was being adequately represented,” says Stewart. “I felt I could do better at ensuring people had a more in-depth experience when they travelled to New Zealand.”

As an entrepreneurial mom, Stewart also hopes to inspire her daughter, six-year-old Allegra, to believe in herself and bring her passions to life. Both of them enjoy the food scene in Singapore, and their favourite meal includes Chinese dumplings.

Among her many passions, Stewart’s are clearly family and food. “I think food is all about bringing people together, especially families; a time to slow down, enjoy what you’re eating and catch up and talk,” she says.

“When I travel home to New Zealand I head straight to the supermarket and fill up on all the local favourites and book into restaurants to see friends. What sets New Zealand apart is the sheer abundance of fresh locally produced food. No matter where you are in the country there will be local orchards where you can buy seasonal and well-priced fruit and vegetables at the gate or even pick-your-own. Local meat producers care greatly for the welfare of their animals and this is reflected in the flavour.”

Here, the founder of Antipodean Luxury Travel shares some must-tries for foodies when paying a visit to the real Middle-earth.

1. Lewis Road Creamery

This company makes amazing dairy products, and being in New Zealand, you know the milk will be the freshest. We always have their fresh cream; milk; and Hokey Pokey Ice Cream in our fridge when we are back in New Zealand. On our next trip, we’ll definitely be trying the recently released Chocolate Butter and Chocolate Cream Liquor Ice Cream.

2. Pedro’s House of Lamb
Pedro Carazo is a family friend and post Christchurch earthquakes he started selling his signature dish of lamb shoulder and scalloped potatoes from a temporary premise. It’s now available in Queenstown, Christchurch and Auckland. We recommend booking your portion a day before and make sure to order extra.

3. Lumojo Honey

Each morning, we have this gorgeously designed pot of honey on our table and have a teaspoon every day because the antibiotic properties of New Zealand Manuka honey prevent harmful colds.

4. Hawthorne Coffee
This small specialist coffee roaster is in the small Hawkes Bay village of Havelock North. It produces delicious coffee, either beans or freshly ground, that can be brought back to Singapore.

5. Assorted Craft Liquor 
The craft liquor scene is massive in New Zealand and we are enthusiastic supporters of it. Rogue Society GinBroken Shed VodkaDancing Sands Distillery and Thomson’s Whiskey to name a few. Not only do they all taste incredible, I love the creative, inspiring and downright cool people behind the brands.

6. Storm and India Tea

We love the design and story behind this New Zealand family tea brand. We are strong advocates of New Zealand brands and love them even more as it’s a family company like ours.

7. Biodynamic Wines

New Zealand’s biodiverse wineries and wine makers’ commitment and passion to transform their vineyards is phenomenal. We work with a few wineries to offer exclusive wine experiences that get guests engaged with the winemaking process in unique ways. Some of our favourites are Felton Road, Hans Herzog, Seresin and Huia for stunning organic wines.