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Where is open for Summer travel?

We have the list


If these were normal times, most of our conversations at this time would be littered with talks of Summer holidays, packing and plans, but as Coronavirus continues to wreck and ruin, it looks like Summer 2020 might just be cancelled. Or is it? Across the globe, countries, desperate for tourists and trade after one of the worst seasons imaginable, are opening up for Summer. And while of course all travel is dependent on individual passports, departure countries and resident quarantine procedures, we thought we would leave the fine details to you, and just give you the places you can get to, if you’ve done your research beforehand.



Europe is one of the most visited spots for Summer for all of us living in Asia and the good news is that from July 1st, non-Europeans will be allowed to visit. European Commission Vice President Josep Borrell said that the travel ban will be lifted “gradually and partially” and will allow travelers from low-risk countries first, which is good news for us.

So where can we potentially go in Europe? Italy and Bulgaria are open while Austria, Croatia, Cyprus and Portugal have loosened regulations to a restricted list of countries. Greece, Germany, Iceland and Switzerland are also opening to a handful of countries as we speak.



With so many beautiful countries just a short plane ride away, sadly many still remain shut for the time being. That being said, Bali is said to be re-opening in October. The Maldives will be open from July 1st, Sri Lanka is said to be opening on August 1st but restrictions will be strict and Turkey looks set to be opening back up in July.


The Caribbean

Not exactly easy for us in Asia to get to, but none the less, The Caribbean is a perfect all-season spot. Antigua, the U.S Virgin Islands and St. Lucia are already open as is Jamaica and the Bahamas. The tiny island of Bermuda might just be opening up on July 1st and for a handful of people, Aruba is opening in July.

Getting ready for their big day are Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, Grenada and Saint Martin who are all said to be considering opening their borders from onwards of June 30th.


North America

While Canada is currently hosting strict regulations, from June 21st it has been reported that travel may be resumed. Mexico is opening up gradually with each state set to be open by late July.


The Middle East

Tourist haven Dubai is still shut but it has been rumoured that it will be re-opening in August, which is perfect timing as the Summer heat will have passed. No news on Israel re-opening dates although Israel’s Ministry of Tourism and Health recently outlined their new standards for health which indicated things might be moving along. Qatar is hoping to resume flights from August 1st, while Lebanon is slightly ahead with its plans looking at July 1st.


South America

While most of South America still remains closed to tourists, Colombia has a planned small re-opening for August 31st while Argentina is rumoured to be lifting its flight ban sometime between July and September.

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