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Where to get the best pizza in Singapore

For when nothing but a sensational slice will do. 


Da Paulo Pizza Bar

One of the most trusted names when it comes to Italian cuisine in Singapore, Da Paulo serves up some seriously good pizza. Thin and crispy and with a mouth-watering array of toppings, for when we miss the taste of Italia - this is where we go.

Pizza Express

While my Italian mother balks at the suggestion that this is good pizza, I'm not so dismissive just because its a global chain. Pizza Express has been going for over 50 years and serves up a pretty darn good tasty treat. If you are looking for something a little more authentic, go for the Romana base which is thin and crispy like the Italian food Gods intended.

Limoncello Pizza & Grill

If there is a name in pizza we trust, it's Limoncello. Chef and owner, Fabio Iannone, sets out to bring the cuisine of the Amalfi Coast to Singapore with Amalfi-styled dishes including the Limoncello pizza with mozzarella, rocket, porcini and beef or the wide variety of seafood-based options which of course, the Amalfi coast is famed for. 

Bella Pizza

While Neopolitan pizza bases are known to be somewhat thicker, this doesn't stop our love for Bella Pizza. Over here they have a wide array of pizzas, Sicilian Pizza boats, Calzone's, pastas and even DIY kits.  


Tucked away on a corner on Kandahar Street is the always popular Cicheti. Good, honest and unpretentious, everything from the food to the service is spot on. 


Over at Amo, the chefs are trained in the land of the pizza - Italy - before they come to Singapore to make your beautiful bases and talking of bases, they are made from natural leaven, semolina and extra virgin oil to make sure they are as light and toothsome as can be. 


While it's easy to dismiss Publico as more of a bar-type vibe, Publico is also for the serious foodies thanks to the fact it serves up some darn good pizza. There's a huge array of toppings to choose from but we prefer the plain Buffalo mozzarella for a more authentic taste.