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Where to go for rainy day comfort food

Go on, treat yourself.

While we know that Singapore is famed for its rainy season, just what is up with this constant rain, not to mention the dark skies from morning until night. Well, we don't know about you but all this rain and cold has us reaching for some good old comfort food and if you don't fancy cooking it yourself, here is where to go to get it. 


One of Dempsey's biggest staple restaurants, Culina has everything you need for some rainy day comfort. There's onion soup which is as delicious as it is warming, sausage and mash if you're in need of a real treat and their burger is to die for. Oh, and at the weekend they do a phenomenal roast which is well worth a try. 

The English House

Marco Pierre White's English House is our top choice when we need a rainy day pick me up. There's a good old full English for breakfast, beef wellington for lunch and dinner and the Sunday specials are well worth a try - and don't even get us started on puddings which include baked apple crumble and chocolate mouse. 

Tung Lok Teahouse

For the days when only dim sum and soup will do, there's Tung Lok Teahouse. We can't get enough of their fried pork buns and deep-fried prawns with mustard mayo - yum. 

Imperial Treasure Peking Duck Paragon

When in doubt, go to Imperial Treasure we say. They can not be beaten for their duck, their dim sum, their noodles and their coconut jelly - basically, the whole menu is designed to make you feel better about the pouring rain.  

Bread Street Kitchen

Gordon Ramsey's Bread Street Kitchen has it all - amazing shops nearby, wonderful views of the CBD and sumptuous puddings like banana sticky toffee and trifle tiramisu. 


For days when nothing else but true comfort food will do - head on over to Smiths for some good old fashioned fish and chips. While fish and chips doesn't always have the best reputation, everything at Smiths is cooked fresh on the day and is as close to a traditional British chippie as you will find in Singapore. 

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