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Which airlines are starting to fly again?

These are the airlines that are proposing to resume flights from June 2020


As the Coronavirus continues to wreck its havoc on people, places and things, one of the areas that has been undoubtedly hit the hardest has been the travel industry. From government sanctions to total lack of demand, the sky has been eerily quiet since the outbreak went pandemic. So, as the virus begins to slow its deadly spread and government’s re-asses their international travel tactics, here are the airlines that will fly, according to your own countries restrictions.


Qatar Airlines

Never one to rest, this tenacious Middle Eastern carrier has continued its route to 30 countries during the pandemic. From June though, they have claimed that they will open up routes to 80 destinations including London, Chicago and Hong Kong. How many seats will be available remains to be seen though as social distancing and safety measures will all be of paramount importance.

Cathay Pacific

With Hong Kong’s Coronavirus levels at an all-time low, Cathay Pacific and its regional arm Cathay Dragon are ready to fly again. Before the end of the month, they have said that they will operate five flights a week to London, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Sydney and three flights a week to places including Melbourne and Mumbai. The airline also announced that subject to government travel restrictions, they will also resume daily flights to Singapore, South Korea and Japan.

Turkish Airlines

Before the pandemic hit, Turkish Airlines was one of the fastest growing airlines with skyrocketing demand for its acclaimed service. Having grounded all their fleet, the airline is now hoping to resume flights to 22 countries by the end of June and a rather hopeful 99 countries by September. 

Singapore Airlines and SilkAir

SIA grounded a massive 93.88% of its fleet as the Singapore lockdown hit in March however the airline has stated that from June and July, they will resume certain flights to destinations including Hong Kong, Melbourne, Auckland and Osaka.

British Airways

The UK’s flagship airline has made no effort to hide that fact that the virus has had a devastating effect on their business. Having halted nearly all of their fleet, from June, the airline is hoping to resume long-haul flights to 29 countries including Singapore, Sao Paulo and Miami and short haul flights daily to neighbouring countries.

Emirates Airlines

Dubai's national carrier has announced that they will be resuming services to 16 more countries on its Boeing 777-300ER, following the governments lifting of transit restrictions. The countries now being served are Bahrain, Manchester, Zurich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, New York JFK, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Taipei, Hong Kong, Perth and Brisbane. Emirates will also be offering three flights a week to Singapore, keeping the highest precautions onboard including the distribution of complimentary hygiene kits containing masks, gloves, hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes to all customers.