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White Shades Unveils Highball Haven and New Bar Hopping Experience

Highball cocktails and izakaya-style bites await.

White Shades, renowned for its innovative cocktail creations, has transformed its Level 1 space into an urban highball haven. Previously a decadent confectionery parlour, the ground floor now offers an exciting new bar experience, immersing guests in a vibrant cocktail playground. This revamp, led by founder Bai JiaWei, recently featured in Prestige’s 2024 40 Under 40, positions White Shades as a premier destination for cocktail enthusiasts in Singapore's Central Business District.

Gone are the pastel tones of the old confectionery parlour. The revamped Level 1 now welcomes guests with a darkened entrance leading to a Japanese-inspired elevated speakeasy. Bright neon signs and illuminated backsplashes set the stage, while a roving disco ball and upbeat Japanese music create an energetic atmosphere. Funky posters and wallpaper featuring images of Kakubin highballs and mouthwatering wings add to the lively décor.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese mixology, White Shades’ new menu features an impeccable selection of highball cocktails. The Japanese Kaku Highballs are available in five distinct styles—Classic, Yuzu, Umeshu, Genmaicha, and Shiso. Each offers a delicate yet complex flavour, making them ideal for any occasion. The White Shades Signature Highballs promise a symphony of flavours. The PawPaw Plum highball blends gin with sour plum and soursop for a vibrant, tangy drink. Spear The Melon refreshes with rum, spearmint, and watermelon. Mango Agogo combines vodka with housemade mango yoghurt and grapefruit for a bright, citrusy delight. The LycheeOo-Hi layers whisky with lychee oolong tea, while Smoky Inferno mixes tequila, lapsang souchong, pineapple, and honey for a smoky, sweet finish.

Accompanying the highball haven is a revamped food menu featuring izakaya-style bites designed to complement the highball cocktails. Guests can enjoy small plates that enhance their drinking experience, making each visit to White Shades a culinary journey. White Shades also introduces a new bar-hopping experience called "Hop through the Shades." For a set fee, guests can explore all three levels of the bar: Level 1, the Rooftop, and Level 2, enjoying a drink at each stop. The adventure concludes at White Shades’ exclusive hidden bar, where a bespoke cocktail crafted by JiaWei himself awaits. Advanced reservations are required for this unique experience. For more reservations, visit White Shades.