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Who wants to go on Safari?

Well, not quite but this is the closest you will get right now



There are many things that before the onset of Covid-19, we never imagined ourselves doing and most certainly, taking in a safari from the comfort of our own home, is one of them. But, with borders and flights shut and closed, this is exactly how we can enjoy the magical world of wildlife.

Created by travel experts, andBeyond, the initiative is one part bringing some much-needed scenery change and the second, some much-needed funding for conservation efforts, now that tourism is at a standstill. Offering high-end tours in 13 countries across Africa and South America, they own and operate 29 unique safari and island destinations which includes 9 million acres of wildlife land and 2000 kilometres of coastline. But beauty and scenery aside, andBeyond has a very clear ethos; to leave the world in a better place than they found it by caring for the land, the wildlife and the people who visit.

Bringing the great outdoors to the home-bound in April, they have since expanded their range of virtual experiences to include a more private online experience with a deeper level of personalisation and while the initial streaming was free, these new experiences will donate a percentage of the profits to conservation efforts.

So, what’s on offer. Well, first up there’s the andBeyond TV. One aimed more at the kiddies, the twice-daily, three-hour live safaris will focus on ‘Becoming a Ranger’ which includes activities and information for kids to provide them the opportunity to ask the millions of questions they most probably have stored up from what they have seen.

Next is the virtual experiences which is the closest you can get to actually being on safari itself. Each private booking is for up to six people at one time (basically five of your chosen friends,) you will be taken on your very own safari to see and learn about the animals on the way. 10% of the fee will go towards the Africa Foundation with the remaining fee split between the guides and various other sustainability and conservation initiatives on the reserves.

Last but not least is andBeyond’s version of a fireside chat. Arguably one of the highlights of any safari, they are re-creating the feeling of sharing and bonding through themed podcasts that range in topic from conversations with wildlife to informal chats about life in the bush and tips and tricks on how to get the best snaps of wildlife.

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