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5 Life Lesson With Katharine Pooley

When it comes to interior decorators, they don't come much bigger or better than Katharine Pooley.

With the whole world in various stages of lockdown over the past 18 months, there's no doubting we have never spent more time looking at our homes and seemingly critiquing our choices when it comes to decor. Well, if lockdown fever has brought out the inner interior decorator in you, boy do we have a treat for you. One of the most famous names in interiors, Katharine Pooley was recently named as the 'British Interior Decorator of the Year' and also named as Country & Town House’s 50 Best Interior Designers in the UK 2021. When it comes to her work, she has spent the past two-plus decades re-defining palaces, castles, villas, private country estates as well as hotels and today, she brings us her five rules to life and work. 



  1. Invest in your team 

No business is a success without a great team- Divide and conquer is my motto. The studio has grown over the years to be one of the biggest in Europe with 47 designers and architects, I often say to team members who are facing challenges on a project 'I chose you, have faith. Remember I picked you for a reason.' It helps remind them that I trust them and believe in them and that in turn motivates them to be the best designers they can be.


  1. Lead a life full of kindness and the world will be kind back

Charity is about wanting to gift and not about getting something back or recognition - it has to be from the heart. My work with London charity 'The Childhood Trust' on their 'Decorate a Child's Life' Program gives me so much satisfaction and motivation. If you cannot share your success and services for the greater good, then really what is it all for? Generosity spreads joy, to the giver and the receiver both, that is what makes it such a wonderful thing,


  1. Be kind to the animals and nature

There is no one to speak for them. Sustainability has become a central pillar of my design ethos. The world is a beautiful but fragile place. There is so much to inspire, we need to find a way to coexist with the natural world and not let our comfort be at its expense. 


  1. No dream is too big

Clients often come to me with an incredible totally new, completely unique idea. I believe nothing is impossible and I will always work wholeheartedly to bring this vision to life in a way that will surprise and move them. From cliff-top futuristic villas, cutting edge yacht interiors, castles, palaces and one of a kind Hotel retreats in far flung locations: If they can dream it then I can create that dream. My portfolio is so incredibly diverse and global because challenging jobs excite me, I love a challenge!


  1. You cannot be everyone's friend, don't sweat the small stuff

You will only laugh about it when you look back. As a businesswoman and creative, my design empire is built on human relationships. But you cannot take everyone with you, some, sadly, don't have the stamina to stick the pace. That's fair as my dream may not be their dream, my vision is my own, and my team is the best in the world at what they do.

To follow Katherine – her social pages are here:
Instagram: @katharinepooleyltd


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