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5 Life Lessons With Arron Goh, Founder, The Inside Access

Just what does it take to be at the top of your game? Find out from the founder of a unique experiences curation company right here.



Lead By Example 

Good leaders lead and lift, not push and press. The right to discipline has to be earned through putting in the effort to teach and mentor. My idea of good leadership is about making others better and elevating them when you’re present whilst ensuring that the impact of your leadership continues even when you’re gone. Do not just lead your team by demonstrating you are able to do the job, but more importantly, do the job with them.

Through this, you will earn their trust and respect immediately.


Be A Rock

To be a good leader, you need to be stable, clear, and transparent. Being the pillar of strength that your team can look to for direction and advice, one cannot afford to be indecisive. To produce calm and stable people, there must be a calm and stable leader. However, balance is key. You should be tender but not weak, strong but not brash.



When starting a career, take the time to build a strong foundation. Many young people who are overly ambitious and impatient fail to do this and realise belatedly that they are not achieving what they had set out to achieve as their foundation is weak and thus they are failing in the same area time and time again. They often lack the skills needed to allow them to stand on their own. Just be patient and work on your foundation. When the time is right, you will grow exponentially compared to those who have rushed along head-first.



Keep It So Simple. To whoever you are speaking to, be it your team or customers, or whether what is being said are instructions or a business proposal, always use words and phrases that are easy to understand. Make it easy for the person(s) listening to understand. The easier it is for people to understand what you are saying and are trying to achieve, the more likely they will support your ideas.


Go With The Flow

It’s good to have plans but it is also necessary to go with the flow at times too. In this current fast-paced, everchanging times, not all your plans will come to fruition. But, don’t be discouraged as the right moment will come – just have faith in what you believe in, keep your master plan in mind, and go with the flow. Simply put, be flexible but maintain your integrity.