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How To Win by Jessica Ramella, Winner of Season 1 The Apprentice: ONE Championship

If you, like us, watched season one of The Apprentice: ONE Championship and wondered just how on earth those contestants stuck it out, then this feature is for you. With news that the season season is in development, we sat down with season one champion, Jessica Ramella, to see just what it takes to make a winner.

Don’t be afraid to make friends

Contrary to what you see on-screen and on most reality shows, the cast of  The Apprentice:  ONE Championship are close friends, which really bolstered everyone throughout the competition. As the cast are undergoing the same experiences as you, they are naturally your pillars of support

Get in shape physically, mentally and emotionally 

In addition to the physical and business challenges, there are the unseen late nights and gruelling filming schedules. Prepare yourself for all this before going in and always remember why you joined! 

Manifest your goals

Come into the competition with a plan and with your goals at the front of your mind. This will help carry you forward throughout the competition, and make it so you won’t even think of giving up.