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5 Life Lessons With Joel Lim, Managing Director of Ruhens

Innovative, unique and groundbreaking are just three words to describe Ruhens. Here, we chat to founder and Managing Director, Joel Lim, about creating such an exciting home solution.


Lesson 1: Never be satisfied at your current situation

In the current business world, industries are getting competitive. To stay at the top, it is important to constantly change & improve accordingly to suit the consumers’ & business' needs. To stand out and be different from my competitors, I knew that Ruhens had to have something that they do not have, so that was how our Mobile Showroom & Ruhens Ice, which are both the first and currently the only in the industry, was born. Being satisfied at what you have now will only hinder the progression of your business.


Lesson 2: Treat your employees like your partners

It is impossible to run a company alone. You need a team for a company to grow. Every single person in the team plays a huge part in the growth of the company. I trust every single one of my teammates to make the right decision from customer service, sales all the way to technical team. To me, my teammates are the ones who run the boat, I merely steer the boat for them.


Lesson 3: Learn & Understand every setback

There is risk involved in every business we do. We cannot be 100% sure that every move we make will be a success. Over the past few years, I have wasted tons of resources that did not make the business tick. However, I learned from each setback I faced, how to improvise and do better, and came back stronger.


Lesson 4: Always be positive

Coming across many peers who put down my ideas whenever I share it with them, generates a lot of negativities. And this made me realised that the more negative you are, the more you do not dare and want to try out your ideas or proceed with your plans. As the saying goes " Never try, never know", you have to be positive about your plans and ideas to even get it started.


Lesson 5: Be gracious

Never look down on anyone no matter how successful you are in your business. Everyone is born different & have their own definition of success.