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5 Life Lessons With Ms Shin Lee, Regional Marketing Manager, Consumer Beauty COTY South East Asia

Just what does it take to be a beauty maven? Find out below.



1. Live and breathe beauty

Beauty is a complex category where its consumers are highly involved. Without passion for beauty, it will be difficult to immerse in their world. I integrate beauty in my daily life, from trying new products to teaching a friend about contouring. It extends beyond work, it is living it.

2. Embrace trends

Forgo the mindset of ‘this is how we always do it’. Be curious about new technology. I often ask my younger team mates, “what’s new and cool now?”

3. Invest in people

Managing Max Factor’s marketing for different countries in South East Asia means having to address diverse beauty insights and cultural nuances. The local team is my eyes, ears and hands on the ground and I need to trust, empower and listen to them.

4. Focus on purpose

It is important to the consumers today that brands stand for something. We can no longer just sell products, but also must drive powerful messages that connect emotionally. Max Factor believes that life experiences make women more beautiful and wants to let her beauty shine inside out. It is an empowering message, one that celebrates beauty with depth and not perfection.

5. Be positive

Being positive means I attract positive people around me and it is a virtuous cycle. I am fortunate to be surrounded by open-minded, fun and interesting people at COTY where we work hard and play hard.