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5 Life Lessons With Nadia Chan, co-founder of Maiko Singapore

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Nadia Chan, co-founder of Maiko Singapore 

Balancing a burgeoning career with motherhood and a social life is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges we face as women, but it's something Nadia Chan is doing, and doing well. 

As the co-founder of Maiko Singapore, she is responsible for all the marketing and PR efforts for CANVAS, a top Australian beauty brand. On top of this, Nadia also finds herself as the General Manager of PR Communications PTE LTD. How does she do all this? Find out below.



  1. You are the most precious factor of the whole equation – Put yourself first.

    You know what they say about true love is when you put someone else before yourself; I don’t believe in that. I feel very strongly about looking after yourself well in order to successfully manage the multiple roles we have in life. For example, I make sure I take at least ten days off each year to travel the world and soak up new experiences, experience a different culture, try new food, meet new people and build memories. On a day-to-day basis, I try to have me- time whether it is a long 20-minute shower or a 45-minute workout. In my opinion, investing in yourself is the biggest investment to all other aspects of your life. It is usually after this me-time that I am able to discuss new ideas with my sister for CANVAS – the Australian skincare brand which we distribute in Singapore ( – and how we can evolve as a business.

  2. Be open to feedback even if it is not a bed of roses

    The only way for you to improve your business and develop best practices is by receiving feedback from someone else, even if it isn’t positive. The ability to be open to feedback and receive it with a positive attitude will help nurture constant growth in your personal development and business.

  3. Live by your own rules and have fun

    Whenever I meet people who are troubled, I always tell them that if today was their last day, an unhappy thought would be their last thought. I believe every life experience, whether good or bad, spurs us on and move forward. Take challenges and difficulties in your stride and push on. Live by your own rules even when the whole world opposes because you definitely owe that to yourself. When you start practicing this belief, you will realize that you will enjoy every single step that you take because all of a sudden, you are the ruler of your own home!

  1. Be grateful and smile more

    Always make it a point to be grateful and appreciative of the surroundings you’re in, the people you meet and everything that you have, no matter how busy you are. I’ve realized that sometimes when I am feeling jaded, the little conversations of ‘love and gratefulness’ make my mornings turnaround. I often see the old man who cleans our office building and I make it a point to ask how his morning has been and how strong he is to be able to work such long hours. One day, he responded by saying “the fact that I can come to work everyday is a blessing!”. Unfortunately, I’m very sure not everyone sees their ‘work-life in that manner ☺.

  2. Plan Well

    If I had told my younger self that I would be a full-time mother and at the same time running two business 24/7 – I’m sure I would not have believed a single word. Today, I make time for everything, my son, my businesses, my family, my friends and myself. It’s true, its hard to fit everything in but it’s not impossible! Honestly, my calendar is my best friend. I fill my days with work and I allow myself two evenings in a week to see my friends or do whatever I want, and for the rest of the evenings, I make an effort to put my son to bed and spend quality me-time after.


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