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5 Life Lessons With Naked Blend Founder Vikki Tear

For the past 5 years, entrepreneurship has been an uphill journey but it has taught many invaluable life lessons. In my opinion, no book can teach us this much; only learning on the ground can. I thank everyone in the community who has supported my growth, learning, unlearning and social impact. I wouldn’t be who I am today without all of you, and here are some of my biggest life learnings.


(1) It is okay to make mistakes

I am a perfectionist by nature. People whom I’ve worked with agree that I set high expectations for them, but I set even higher expectations for myself and my work. I used to beat myself up when I made mistakes. However, over the years, I have learnt to not allow my perfectionism get in the way. Getting started and making progress is more critical than over-analysing.

“Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” said Thomas Wayne, in Batman. This adage holds true for every entrepreneur. Think of a fall as a lesson to be learnt and an opportunity to try again in a different way. Once you start to look at a setback as a challenge, you will find ways to face it and you will come out of it stronger and wiser. Making mistakes has taught me what it meant to do things right. We learn what to look out for, the sort of people we want to work with, what we are good at, and what we are not so good at. We learn more from our failures than we do from our wins.

(2) Innovate constantly

In the world of business, resting on your laurels is a deadly trap. To stay relevant in the market today, there has to be a constant push and drive to innovate and improve. When I first created the Naked Blend plant-based wellness milk tea, I wanted to create a milk tea that is not available in the market. After months of R&D and formulation, we created the first low-calorie diet vegan milk tea that has skincare benefits.

Duplication of ideas may unfortunately occur but you will maintain your competitive advantage if you continue to drive innovation. Also, it’s a strong validation of your innovation and you are doing something right if others are trying to copy your business idea(s).

(3) Stay curious and learn like a child

Children are driven forward by their unbridled curiosity. Just imagine how differently children approach learning. To them, it’s just a part of the discovery mode they use to face the world that surrounds them. By keeping your mind open to new concepts and embracing novelty, you make opportunities for yourself. Take the time to conceptualise new ideas, acquire new knowledge and skills. By staying open and curious, you’ll continue to thrive and grow in today’s disruptive era.

(4) Stay grateful

We’ve all heard about the importance of being grateful. Being thankful is easy when things are going your way. Entrepreneurship is packed with challenges and uncertainties, and a million highs and lows. Choosing to feel grateful when you are living in the trenches of entrepreneurship, is a conscious choice one has to make and a habit that can be developed.

Gratitude is a proven coping strategy. It is indeed easy to focus on what’s not working or what you don’t have. But when you start to count your blessings, literally, it changes your energy and perspective. Gratitude brings calm in the midst of restlessness. It steers you away from worries and provides encouragement when you need it most. Being grateful is a practice that can have an immensely positive effect on you, on the choices you make and on the performance of your business.

(5) Lift while you climb

Adopt the abundance mindset and never view success as a zero-sum game. There is enough abundance for everyone. Growth isn’t meaningful if it only benefits you. Climb as high as you can go, and bring others up with you. Together, greater heights can be achieved. We are grateful for our achievements so far which are only made possible thanks to our team of Naked Blenders and our supportive community. There has been an increase in recognition for women entrepreneurs and I am glad to be in an era where women can be leaders too. I think that women can also excel in business management as we have greater empathy. To society, women entrepreneurs are still a relatively new idea and it will take time to develop. We’ll need more female mentors to rise and share their experiences with younger aspiring women. I hope that I can contribute to the ecosystem by encouraging younger women and offering help whenever possible.