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5 of the Best Industries To Go Into In 2018

Leaving behind the year of financial uncertainty that was 2017, we look to the best industries to break into, or simply invest in, for the year ahead.


If you have been to your itunes store recently, you can't have failed to notice the plethora of mindful and meditation apps available. Infact this holistic wellness movement has been valued at $1.1 billion in the U.S recently - making it an ideal investment.  


Ready-to-drink coffee and tea

This might come as troubling news to the likes of Starbucks, but sales of ready-to-drink tea and coffees have quadrupled from 2014 to date. It seems that commuters and the like simply don't have time to stop off for their morning cup, favouring it on the go instead. With these numbers, it makes it a very interesting industry to look into indeed. 


Pet Care

We are a nation of animal lovers and this is being shown not only by the increase in pet ownership, but in hard facts. IBISWorld has projected the grooming and boarding industry to grow an impressive seven percent annually until the year 2021.


Construction Equipment

As the housing market recovers from a serious global dip, it seems things are looking up in terms of construction. One area that is enjoying this resurgence is in the hiring and loaning of serious construction equipment. Don't believe us? Well, according to research agents, CB Insights, this sector rose to $260 million in 2017 from just $51 million in 2010. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. 


Manufactured Biology

While genetically engineered medicines and foods is hardly a new topic, it is one that rages on with full force into 2018. An expensive area to get into, the payoffs can be huge for those invested when a ground-breaking discovery is made. 


Tradition With A Twist
Not only is the bricks and mortar model making a bit of a reappearance in 2018, it's coming back with a whole new range of twists. Think mannequins delivering product information, questions answered on your smartphone and measurements taking by mirrors. Profitable stuff if you can get it right.