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5 Of The Best Ways To Start 2018 Strong

If you have been left feeling somewhat jaded after the end of 2017, or 'silly season' as it's often known, fret not. Here are five of the best ways to recharge, rejuvenate and start 2018 off as you mean to carry on.

 1. Digital Detox

How many hours do you spend in a day staring at your phone? And how many of those hours could be put to better use? Rather than fretting over Instagram likes or downloading the latest apps, how about starting off 2018 with a digital detox. This could be anything from deleting the apps that you really don't use that often, limiting yourself to hours spent on social media, unfriending that person you haven't actually seen in years but still follow or just turning off your notifications for a while. With less hours spent staring at a screen and more at actually being present in the moment, you are sure to truly get something out of this one.


2. Get In Shape

It is most people's New Years Resolution to get themselves to a gym anyway, but if you are feeling tired and sluggish after a frivolous end to 2017, nothing will get you back to your best like a good old workout. For our guide to the best gyms in town, take a look at our article here


3. Put Your Best Face Forward

How can you expect to feel your best when you don't look your best? With all that fun, feasting and drinking at the end of 2017, your skin undoubtedly needs some TLC. Put essential hydration back into your face with Eve Lom's Intense Hydrating Serum, packed full of Hyaluronic acid, it will have you looking fresh faced in no time - available from Sephora here. Or if 2018 has got you in a tizzy about those fine lines, you can't get better than Sisley's stellar anti-aging ranges for both men and women, available here. Feeling like you are in need of a change? Why not treat yourself to a makeover courtesy of the style maestros at Kim Robinson, more information here


4. Take Inventory

Every once in a while we need to stop and think about how is in our lives and what they are actually doing in our lives. Are the people you are surrounding yourself with actually having a positive influence or are there some frenemies dragging you down. Take a second to take stop of who is in your phone book and decide if 2018 has a role for them or not.


5. De-Clutter

We all know the saying about a tidy house meaning a tidy mind and there is merit to the statement for sure. Having a good old de-clutter will not only free space and leave your house or working area tidier and neater, it is also amazingly cathartic as you say goodbye to the older and get ready to welcome the new.