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5 Reasons Talented Millennials Keep Getting Fired

Proof that even the cleverest person isn't guaranteed to keep their job.

We all know that millennials are the next generation of job seekers and the main bulk of our up and coming workforce, but with so many of them reporting issues not just finding work, but keeping their jobs, it makes you wonder what is going on. Well, according to various new studies, these might be five of the key reasons millennials are just not keeping their jobs.


1. There's a bigger picture

Josh Steimle, CEO of MWI, stated in a recent report that that in his opinion, lack of understanding was the biggest reason why millennial employees sometimes flare out. "A lack of empathy is hurting many millennials in the workplace, because they're not understanding the circumstances of their employment from the employer's point of view," he says. It has been claimed that millennials lack of understanding for their seniors and their role and performance within the big picture can be a reason they just can't keep their jobs. 


2. Communication is key

Another reason for millennials problems in the workplace has been sited as miscommunication. As the generation grew up behind smartphones, their face-to-face communication has seemingly suffered. When you think about it, follow-up in the form of projects and emails is all well and good but where it counts is presentations and discussions. 


3. The desire for independence

While we all strive for independence in our personal lives, the need for millennials to have it in their professional lives is sited as another reason why they are finding it hard to keep work. Whether they don't like working as a team, or can't take micromanaging from bosses, it's a factor Brian Evans, CMO of ShipChain says is key. He claims: "I have found that forcing a millennial to do something my way, on my schedule, is often a losing proposition, I have found that forcing a millennial to do something my way, on my schedule, is often a losing proposition”


4. Greater job prospects

It might just all come down to one fact: that millennials don't fear losing their jobs quite like the generations before them did. While in the past a job was seen as a career that you stayed in until retirement, it is claimed that today, millennials like to change their jobs frequently and don't invest in companies as their bosses would like. 


5. Entitlement

This is something that we have heard over and over again when it comes to the millennial generation - that they simply act entitled and that is not mixing with a traditional work place. This generation have been told they can have everything and can be everything so when they are forced into a mould of a company, it just doesn't work. This is something John Rampton, founder of Due has seen time and time again. "Some millennials act entitled, those that expect all the perks for half the effort are the ones losing their jobs," he says.