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5 things never to say in a job interview

Avoid saying these things to always guarantee a yes.



My current company is awful

You might have the boss from hell and your office might be on a random industrial estate but moaning about these things in a job interview will only harm your chances of getting away from those things. No one wants to hear negativity or moaning so instead, turn your challenges into a positive thing, explain how you have overcome differences to your advantage.



Can we please re schedule today’s appointment

Everyone’s time is valuable, not just yours so unless there is an actual emergency, avoid changing interview times at all costs. Not only do last minute changes show your lack of dedication, they also give off the impression of being disinterested in the role or company.

Being late is in the same bracket so if you find yourself running behind time, a quick email to explain and apologise should paper over the cracks.



If I don’t hear back by Friday, I’m taking another job

While everyone knows that waiting to hear from a company can be extremely frustrating, giving someone a passive aggressive ultimatum is never going to work. If you are choosing between two companies and you need to know which one to plump for, a simple email explaining your situation, pointing out this is your preferred company and that you would really appreciate an update is far more likely to get you a yes than a timed ultimatum.



I can start anytime but here are my holiday dates

Of course you can’t choose when job interviews pop up but hearing that a candidate is due to go on holiday just as a job starts is not only extremely frustrating but can also go against you in the job process. Ask yourself if dates can be re-scheduled or if you have a block of holiday coming up, if that is the right time to be looking for a job.



Well, I really wanted a higher up role but this job will do for now

If you have been invited in for a job interview, the chances are that its because the recruiter thought you were good for that job and a good fit for the company. Of course everyone wants career progression and every recruiter wants someone driven, but no one wants to think that the candidate is only seeing the role as a pit stop that they will make do with and risk losing them if rises cant be assured in future.



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