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7 Life Lessons With Charlie Temple & Max Johnson, Co-Founders of Platinum Fitness

More life advice from some of the industry's top leaders.



We all know it takes some serious hutzpah to start your own business, but how about opening it without any investors? Well that's exactly what Charlie Temple and Max Johnson did with Platinum Fitness. With their first outlet opening in Manila in January of this year, they have already opened two more outlets this year in the Philippines and most recently, in Singapore. 


So what makes Platinum Fitness so different? Well, with a 24-hour open door policy and top of the range equipment, their mantra is to let you do what you want, when you want and with plans to open a further 10 more outlets within 18 months of launching, we find out what drives these unique and ambitious entrepreneurs.


Worry about your customer and not the competition 

If you focus on keeping your customer happy then you won’t need to worry about how to beat out the competition. Your customers are the business so you should always listen to them and make sure you are constantly evolving to make your business model the best that it can be. That’s why at Platinum Fitness our core philosophy is to put customers first – we offer unparalleled flexibility to be able to use the gym at any time of the day (24-hours) or even to bring in their own personal trainers.


Empower your staff 

We are firm believers of hiring people that have experience in the role, and then giving them the freedom and power to make decisions for the improvement of the business. Micromanaging is not efficient and can be discouraging for many people. It’s always good to show the people you have hired that you trust them, so empowering them reassures that. We have complete faith in the Platinum Fitness team and it has so far proven to work!


Always have an open forum 

Making sure people have an outlet to express their opinion is very important. We can’t always be everywhere at one time, so it is essential to let people voice concerns and bring things to our attention in the right forum. We believe that communication is key to any successful business.


Work with purpose 

Love what you do and it won’t just be work to you, it will become a fulfilling part of your life. We like to sync our work and personal life as one and consider everyday a work day. Being an entrepreneur is 24/7 and we have no issues with that, as we see the fitness world, and particularly Platinum Fitness, as an integral part of us.


Find a good partner 

Working with a good partner is key. We have a great and effective working relationship, which is important as we have to spend a lot of time together!


Always back yourself 

You will meet a lot of people in life and not all of your experiences will be pleasant. Remember to stay away from negativity and surround yourself with positive people! We try to foster a positive and close knitted community for our teams to ensure that everyone will be at their very best. 


Give Back 

Don’t take the basic living essentials for granted and make sure to give back to the communities where you have businesses in. Find a cause that you are passionate about and make a point to do something every quarter for it.