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8 Qualities To Make You A Better Leader

No matter how good you are or how profitable your team is, everyone can always strive to be better. 

Know Your Place

It would be nice if we could be everybody's best friend, but sadly, we can't be. Striking the perfect balance between achieving a happy and productive team and maintaining an essential personal distance isn't easy, but when you get there, it is sure to make life a whole lot easier.

Be Transparent

Do you ever wonder why people struggle to follow your direction? It could be that they are not entirely sure of the overarching goals. Of course, there are long-term plans that shouldn't involve everyone, but being honest with your team about why said goals and ambitions are in place, will put you in a greater standing of achieving them.

Keep Positive

Never underestimate the power of positivity. Creating a culture of optimism is essential as you expect your team to keep their work goals alive.


While no-one can expect a leader to employ an 'open door' policy at all time, your team need to know exactly what you need from them and visa versa. Define their goals clearly, ask for regular updates and offer regular insights.

Be Patient

As the saying goes,'Rome wasn't built in a day' and you shouldn't expect your goals to be achieved overnight either. A true leader knows when to stick with an idea and for how long.

Be Visionary

Innovation and development is essential for any business to survive. With an ever-increasingly changing market, you need to keep your eyes firmly fixed on what's in the future.


Passion is the essential element in any workplace and how can you expect your team to go the extra mile and keep trying when times get rough if you don't lead by example. Show your team your passion, your excitement and theirs will surely follow.

Integrity Is Key

It sounds simple enough but how you treat others around you will have a huge and often profound impact on your worklife. Treat others as you would wish to be treated and stick to the rules you set for others.